Accommodation in Australia

Hostels? Hotels? Airbnb? Flat share? Bed and Breakfasts? Do you need to know where to stay and how to book it?

Truth is, it all depends on what you want out of your stay.

Do you want to be at a party place? Do you want to just travel and not meet others? Do you want a locals experience? Do you want to socialise and get a good night’s sleep? Do you want your own space completely away from others?

accom1My preference has always been smaller hostels or bed and breakfasts, both in Australia and around the world. I love them; I love the cosy feeling.

I love meeting other independent travellers with a similar mind-set. One of my favourite hostels have a rule that you can’t have phones or computers in the common area 6 – 9pm and it is GREAT as then people actually socialise!

If I just want my privacy a cheap hotel is my choice. However, if you are looking for the social laid back experience, here are a few tips to look for when making a booking:

  • Check the number of guests in the Hostel or Bed and Breakfast (I find the optimal amount is 20 – 50 other travellers)
  • Check if the common areas are well set up for socialising
  • Pick a place with smaller dorms (6 people max)
  • Often owner/operators places are the best

But at the end of the day it is completely how you want to travel, but let me make some suggestions of where to book your accommodation in Australia!

 Airbnb, my thoughts.

Airbnb is the newest, and quickly becoming the biggest, in accommodation all around the world, and of course that has extended to Australia.

It works great if you want a locals experience or you want your own apartment, studio or even house! There is a whole variety of accommodations on the platform.

It is safe, secure, and often offers some great deals and a more unique experience.

For me however I have found Airbnb to be a bit of a hassle. Every place is different and you have to dig deep to find something suitable at times. Check in procedures can vary and this can be frustrating to work exact what you need to do, you can’t just check in like in a hotel. Also, a booking fee is charged on top of the price and this can add up.

I wish it was just built into the price like a number of other resources out there. Finally you often have to have a bit of correspondence with your host to ensure a smooth arrival and therefore it is rarely a simple “click and book” solution.

However you can make your own choice and check out Airbnb here.


accom2Hostelworld has always been an old time favourite of mine. It puts all the hostels in one place and gives you a good gauge of what to expect through the write up of each.

All reviews are verified, so you get a good understanding of what to expect. Most hostels in Australia are listed and reviewed.

If you are 100% set on booking a hostel, booking on Hostelworld would be a good place go to.

Normally they have some of the best rates too. Check out Hostelworld if this sounds like you.


Agoda is a great resource. All reviews are verified as well, and it has a great interface.

There is a wide range of options and Agoda makes it easy to compare, see review and select exactly what you want. My number one choice for booking accommodation equal with the my next recommendation.

Finally, which along with Agoda is my personal favourite, and one of my go-to’s for all my accommodation bookings in Australia and everywhere else (I use Agoda and as they often have the same choices of accommodation, so I compare prices. Even though these are sister sites they do often have different prices!).

Again, like Agoda all reviews are verified, and you can do a search based on all types of criteria from price to review rating.

The thing I like most about (and Agoda) is they has a whole range of accommodation from hostels to bed and breakfasts, and from 5 star hotels to home-stays.

You can pick exactly what you want and you always get the best price. That is the best part about Agoda and is they are almost certainly the cheapest place to book for any of your accommodation needs, and there are so many deals on their websites!

If you want a break from hostels, you may even be able to find a flash hotel for the exact same price!

I highly suggest you check out  and Agoda for all your accommodation needs. I am sure it will become your one stop shop for all your accommodation needs like it is to me.

Like with any of my suggestions if you can find a better price from some where I don’t recommend please let me know and I will update!

Try below to see what I mean by way of finding the best accommodation deals.