Australia is the place to travel in 2017

Each New Year we all have a list of the places we’d like to visit and why. It usually includes far-flung, beautiful countries and cities that have been on bucket lists for years, and it probably includes Australia as well.

While Australia has always been on people’s lists, Australia is the place to travel in 2017 for many reasons.

This could be the best year yet to head to this beautiful and diverse country, so stop putting it off, book those plane tickets and this year get yourself to the other side of the world.

So why is Australia the place to travel this year?

Australia is the place to travel

Economy Is Booming

In previous years, the economy in Australia wasn’t doing so great. Australia is expensive, it always has been, but it’s becoming more manageable for people traveling there than in previous years.

When the Australian dollar was quite so inflated, it made it hard for people from other countries to come because it was almost unaffordable.

Now, however, the economy is doing well so it’s a perfect time to swoop in and experience everything it has to offer.

Lots Of Jobs

If you’re coming to Australia for backpacking, than this is certainly the time to come.

As a backpacker, one of the most important things is actually being able to find work in Australia, and if there’s no work than unfortunately you’ll be on a plan back way too quickly.

Currently, due to the booming economy, jobs are plentiful, especially in sectors like customer service and hospitality.

You stand a pretty good chance of getting casual work pretty quickly, making Australia an even more appealing place for people in 2017.

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Australia is the place to travel

It’s Safe

Many of those countries on your list may not be the safest. Lots of countries and cities in South America, Africa and other parts of Asia have high crime rates.

Perhaps they’re not the most violent of crimes, but you should always be careful of where you’re choosing to go. This is another reason why Australia is the place to travel because it is incredibly safe.

In the past several years, the number of victims in all major offense categories decreased, some as much as 16%. With Australia becoming even safer as time goes by, it should be creeping up on people’s lists of places they’d like to go.

Australia is such an incredible country and right now it is in an excellent place. Lots of jobs, the economy is great, safety statistics are increasing, the social benefits are doing well and it’s just plain beautiful with tons to do in Australia.

In 2017 we bet there are lots of places on your travel bucket list, but we think this is the best year yet to visit this amazing country. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Are you coming to Australia in 2017? What are looking forward too? Why are you coming in 2017? Let me knwo in the comments below!


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