Renting a Campervan or Motorhome in Australia

I have found the best rates for getting a Campervan or Motorhome which is a great way to see Australia as a traveller.

You will have full flexibility as to where you go, and you aren’t limited to timetables or bus schedules.

Best of all you can sleep in it which can save your budget and maybe most importantly; you can sleep in some stunning locations.


  • Go where you want, when you want
  • No limitations
  • If you have a van/camper you can save money on accommodation
  • See things you wouldn’t otherwise see
  • You are fully independent

campervan-imageCampervans are often cheap and as Australia is a big country you can really explore and get to see places that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Remember always book online through a wholesaler for the best rates.

Some great news too; Just like car rentals, I have found the best rates for campers in Australia. Like always, if my rates are not the cheapest and you find a better deal somewhere else; let me know!

I love hearing your feedback so I can always keep this website up to date with the best deals helping you and others save.

That been said; I am pretty sure you should get the best deals on Campers and Motorhomes in Australia using the below form.

A few tips

  • Prices can change by the season
  • Book as early as possible
  • Book online, to get the cheapest motorhome rates
  • Look for hidden extra costs
  • Look for companies that offer unlimited Km’s
  • Pick a camper with low power as it will use less petrol and with the very long distances in Australia this will save you a lot of money

Places to Stay in your Camper in Australia for Free

If you can, avoid campsites, as they certainly add to your costs! Being prepared with things such as a solar shower and eskys (coolers or in New Zealand we call them “Chilly-Bins”) can be a great way to camp in the middle of nowhere; it is free and a real adventure.

A lot of motorhome rental companies will offer some of these things. Just remember, you can’t camp everywhere, and you can risk fines.

If you end up getting a camper but still have to pay camp fees it can really add up and it can often be cheaper getting a rental car and paying for a accommodation instead – so do your calculations.

Tasmania is good by way of free camping, and if you see a Blue sign with a RV on it anywhere in Australia, it means you can camp in the town. Awesome!

Anyway, use the above form to hunt down the best deal on campers and motorhomes or click here – Happy driving and sleeping!