Rental Cars in Australia

Renting a car is a great option as an independent traveller in Australia for short-term travel. You don’t need to worry about registration, maintenance, or the other logistics involved in owning a car.

They are often cheap and as Australia is a big country you can really explore and get to see places that you wouldn’t otherwise see. Now, you should always book online, why I hear you ask? Because an online wholesaler will always give you the best rates.

Best of all I have located the best spot to get some of the cheapest rates for rentals cars in Australia whether that be an airport pick up (Sydney Airport etc) or a city pick up (Cairns, Melbourne CBD etc).

If my car rental rates are not the cheapest and you find a better deal somewhere else – please let me know. But I have done so deep research into this and I almost certain I have the best car rental rates.

Be sure to search for the best deal!

A few tips

  • Prices can change by the season
  • Book as early as possible
  • Book online, to get the cheapest rates
  • Look for hidden extra costs
  • Look for companies that have unlimited Km’s
  • Pick a car with low power as it will use less petrol and with the very long distances in Australia this will save you a lot of money

There is load of competition in car rentals. This is great for you as deals are easy to find and you can get some seriously good deals.

Without further ado; get the best price on car rentals using the above form or go straight to the best car rental deals here.