4 must-dos when backpacking Victoria, Australia

There’s no doubt that all of Australia is beautiful. Lovely oceans, awesome cities, amazing wildlife and even more. If you’re thinking of backpacking Australia that’s a great choice, but you’re probably hoping to narrow down the necessary sights in each state so you can make the most of your time.

When backpacking Victoria, Australia, you’ll find some amazing things, but to help you we’ve narrowed down the list to 4 must-dos to help you maximize your time.

backpacking Victoria, Australia

Great Ocean Road

Without a doubt, the Great Ocean Road is one of the highlights of all of Australia, not just Victoria.

This stretch of coastal highway has more than just pretty views of the ocean, but incredible natural rock formations that you have to see to believe. From the well-known Twelve Apostles to the Bay of Martyrs, this drive will be unlike anything else.

Although it stretches a little bit further, the main stretch of the road is from Torquay to Warnambool. When backpacking Victoria, Australia this is an absolute must-see.

Crown Casino

Based in Melbourne, Crown Casino is more than just somewhere to gamble your money away (or win big time if you’re actually good at it). Crown Casino owns tons of land, so if gambling isn’t really you’re thing you can have a nice meal, do some shopping and enjoy a walk on Southbank along the Yarra River.

While you should of course be making a stop in Melbourne while backpacking Victoria, you need to make sure you visit this elaborate and awesome casino as well.

Falls Creek

Victoria is a beautiful state and is very different to a lot of other places in Australia due to the fact that it has mountains and it can get snow. When backpacking Victoria, Australia you must take a trip to Falls Creek, the Alpine ski resort in the Alpine National Park.

Not only is the skiing fun, but the scenery is beyond stunning. They tend to get about 4m of snow a year, so you’ll be in for a nice weather change.backpacking Victoria, Australia

Phillip Island

You can’t visit Victoria without taking a trip to see the little penguins. While you can see some of the penguins in Melbourne, Phillip Island has even more of them and a beautiful setting as well.

From pristine white beaches to incredible hiking and food, you’ll never be bored on this beautiful island in Victoria. And hey, seeing wild penguins is going to pretty much be a highlight of your trip.

Of course there’s lots to see, but these are 4 absolute must-dos when backpacking Victoria, Australia and if you see these, you won’t feel like you’ve really missed out on anything.

Get ready to get the full Victorian experience; and no, we don’t mean dressing up like Queen Victoria and talking in a fake British accent.

3 Ways To Experience Culture In Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the largest cities in Australia and along with Sydney tends to be one of the first to come to mind. But what is it that makes Melbourne so much more special than some of the other Australian cities? It’s probably something you didn’t expect.

The culture in Melbourne is fantastic and when we say culture we don’t just mean the coffee culture (though that’s not half bad either). Instead, we mean a real understanding and love for art, museums and learning about each other and other cultures.

Sure Sydney has museums, so does Brisbane Perth and nearly every other city. But the culture in Melbourne is truly unique with some amazing places to learn a bit of something and maybe even meet some people as well. So these are the top three ways to experience culture in Melbourne.

Culture in Melbourne

National Gallery Of Victoria

This is an excellent museum with fascinating exhibitions and the best part? It’s totally free. At least mostly. There are some extra exhibitions that cost money, but not for the main museum.

See incredible pottery pieces from hundreds of years ago, impressionist paintings, sculptures from ancient times, photographs from Melbourne’s history and more.

The National Gallery of Victoria also has a second location by Federation Square where you can admire Aboriginal art, something that is beginning to be appreciated as much as it should. If you’re for a one-stop shop to culture in Melbourne than this is you’re best bet.

Shrine of Remembrance

Located just down the road from the National Gallery of Victoria, the Shrine of Remembrance is easily one of the best Australian-focused museums in the city.

Starting with the late 1800s and going all the way to present day, this museum covers Australian military history including all of the major wars and what they’re doing now.

What makes this museum quite so awesome is that it’s got some really cool interactive parts and some incredible history pieces like old uniforms and some glass partially melted into rock from Hiroshima.Culture in Melbourne

Melbourne Museum

Of all the culture in Melbourne, this one is most important to the history. With some amazing exhibits about Melbourne history to giant dinosaur skeletons you will absolutely love it.

At the moment, there’s even a really cool exhibit on Lego. This museum is certainly the pinnacle of culture in Melbourne because it focuses a lot on the city itself and it’s great regardless of whether you’re living there for the time being or just passing through.

This is an amazing city with so much to offer, but the culture in Melbourne is really what makes it so spectacularly special. If you’re in town, be sure to visit these three museums. We promise you won’t regret it.

4 Great Places to Travel in Queensland

When it comes to traveling in Australia it can be hard to pick just one destination, but luckily for you getting around the country is pretty easy so there’s no need to.

Because of this added traveling ease, it can make it feel very overwhelming! I mean, the whole country is stunning so how do you pick between all of the amazing places?

To make it a bit easier for you, we’ve curated 4 great places to travel in Queensland. One of the most gorgeous parts of the country, these places in Queensland will make you forget about the rest of Australia.

Places to Travel in Queensland


Although totally underrated, Cairns is a beautiful city and has some of the best wildlife and more.

You might not think Cairns has beautiful beaches, scenic railways, a rainforest and amazing wildlife, but it does and that makes it an excellent place to travel in Queensland.

As an added bonus, if you go a bit outside of the city you’ll also find lots of coffee plantations so if you’re a coffee addict than this is totally the place for you. Or not. Depends how you look at it.

Places to Travel in Queensland


It’s hard to imagine a more gorgeous, heavenly place than the Whitsundays. Stunning white sand beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, crystal clear and aqua-colored water, it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth.

With about 7,000 km of coastline, 150 islands and the Great Barrier Reef (unlike anything else in the world) this is a unique and breathtaking place in Queensland that you must travel to if you’re in Australia.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and if that’s not cool enough for you, there are beautiful beaches, dream-worthy lakes, great hiking and fantastic food.

While of course Fraser Island isn’t somewhere you go if you want to be around cities and beaches together, it’s an amazing place to go and just relax in a beautiful setting.

Magnetic Island

You may be wondering about the name of this island and it comes from the fact that in the 1700s people noticed the island messed with their compasses, however, no reason has ever been discovered for that.

This intrigue only adds to the beauty that is already has to offer.

With incredible fishing and hiking, the seafood is also to die for. And if you’re into adventuring and exercising, they host the yearly Magnetic Island Adventurethon in March/April.

Queensland is a beautiful part of Australia, but these places to Travel in Queensland top all of the lists. Get a taste for wildlife, cities, food, and incredible views to last you a lifetime.

What do you think? Have I missed anything? What are you most excited about? let me know in the comments below!

Places to Travel in Queensland
Magnetic Island….paradise!

The Great Ocean Road – Awesome!

One of the most spectacular sights of Australia is the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Warnambool.

This stretch of coastal highway is beautiful and has tons of natural wonders.

If you’re looking to do this, you may be wondering what’s best to see it.

Should you self-drive or tour for the Great Ocean Road? When you’re answering this question, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions to determine which is best for you.

Great Ocean Road

How many are you?

When determining whether to self-drive or tour for the Great Ocean Road, you need to think about how many people will be in your group.

Are you a large group, a couple or traveling solo? Maybe just a small group of friends? Depending on your answer, one option or the other will be good for you.

If you’re a group of friends, perhaps self-driving is a good option because you can all take turns and take as much time as you want at each site.

If you’re a solo traveler, you may prefer a tour because it’s a lot of driving for one person. Alternatively, if you feel up to it, there’s nothing wrong with doing that either.

As a large group of people, you may find a tour is better because you wouldn’t all fit in one car. But again, it’s your personal preference.

Great Ocean Road

Do you like structure or like choosing yourself?

When deciding whether to self-drive or tour the Great Ocean Road, you need to think about the pros and cons to each option and what your travel preference is.

If you’re on a tour, you’ll have a relatively strict itinerary you’ll need to keep up with, and some people love that.

When you’re on a tour, you don’t need to think about anything, just show up and be taken to all of the different sights. Plus, you’ll probably get more information about each destination than if you were by yourself.

With that being said, some people prefer choosing what they want to see and choosing how long they stay there.

If this is your preference, than self-driving would be a better option because you have more flexibility and can tailor it to your own personal preferences.

What’s your budget?

This is a big question because a tour will probably be more expensive than simply renting a car and self-driving. You need to take into account how much you’re willing to spend and plan accordingly.

Ultimately, when deciding between whether to self-drive or tour the Great Ocean Road, you need to understand both options are great, but it really depends on personal preferences.

Neither one is better than the other; it’s just that one is better for your particular situation. If you ask yourself these questions, you’ll be able to make an appropriate choice and go on to experience one of the most spectacular roads in the world.

Don’t forget if you want to book a Rental car you can get the best deal here – it is a promise! 🙂

Where are the Best Places to get Work in Australia

When you’re travelling, it’s a great idea to work while you’re away to make sure you stay on budget and to help support yourself during longer trips.

This work can range from seasonal work to retail and hospitality jobs; at Darwin, Sydney, and Perth, you’ll find lots of opportunities to get work in Australia.


places to get work in australia

In Perth, you’ll find lots of jobs in retail, hospitality, and dining.

You can also work as a server, bartender, or barista at any of the local businesses. You’ll have to complete some training, but you’ll be paid well.

If you have the qualifications, you can also find office work; however, it can be more difficult to find, and is generally more long-term than some other available work.


places to get work in australia

Sydney, one of the most popular backpacking destinations, has plenty of jobs to offer for travellers.

You can sometimes work at a hostel; you’ll usually be paid minimum wage or be allowed to stay for free.

This is a great job for backpackers because you’ll be familiar with the hostel experience and there are usually plenty of jobs available. Like in Perth, you can also get work as a server, bartender, or barista.

You’ll find that most people are hiring leading up to October and November, so this is the ideal time to begin looking for work in this area.

However, you’ll still have plenty of job opportunities throughout the rest of the year as well.


places to get work in australia

Like in Sydney, you’ll still be able to look for hospitality or dining jobs. However, you’ll also be able to look for some jobs in the tour industry.

The work can range from taking bookings, answering the phone, driving customers, or even leading tours. Heaps of construction work too!

These pay well and are a fantastic experience; you’ll get to see more of Australia even while you’re working, and you’ll meet lots of interesting people.

June and July tend to be the best times to look for a job near Darwin, but again, there are still other opportunities year-round.

In general…

Even outside of these cities, you’ll still have opportunities to get work in Australia; if you are staying in a hostel or visiting a local café, you’ll sometimes see job opportunities posted on a community or notice board. There is heaps of work in Australia! You getting an Australian Working Holiday Visa is a great opportunity.

These can be a great way to make a little extra money.

Seasonal fruit picking is also an option.

Depending on the season, this work is available in most parts of Australia.

The length of the job is very flexible; you can work for a few days or a few months, depending on your employer and your travel schedule.

You can also check out sites like Backpacker Job Board, Seek, or Traveller’s Point to find job opportunities for backpackers around Australia.

You’ll be able to find lots of different kinds of jobs specific to the area you are staying in.

Overall, there are tons of ways to get work in Australia, and lots of available jobs; using these tips, you can find the right job for you that allows you to make money as you are travelling.

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Are you going to be working in Australia? Where are you thinking of working? What are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below?

When it comes to having a good time, one of the best things you can do is take part in festivals.

There are festivals for just about everything these days, and Australian festivals are no different.

Whether you’re in Australia for a working holiday or simply traveling, these 5 Australian festivals are definitely things you should make the time to attend.

australian festivals


You may have heard of the museum MONA before, the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart, Tasmania.

Hobart may not be the city that comes to mind when you think of Australian festivals, mainly because it’s small and a bit out of the way from the mainland, but this festival is one of the best in the country.

Held in January 18-22, you better book your tickets now. With some awesome lineup and a venue that is remarkably unconventional, this will be one of the strangest and most awesome festival experiences you’ll ever have.


Do you like short films and movies? Excellent, than this Australian festival should be at the top of your list.

It’s the largest short-film festival in the world (come on, that’s pretty cool) and it’s held on February 10 in Sydney.

Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

australian festivals

You don’t need to LGBTQ in order to enjoy this delightfully colorful, carnival-esque festival held in Sydney.

It’s become one of Sydney’s biggest attractions and it’s just pure fun. Dancing, music, amazing outfits and more, it’s certainly not something to miss.

It goings until March 6, so you’ve got a bit of time still to plan your escapade to this awesome Australian festival.


If you have varying music tastes you probably find some music festivals annoying because they tend to stick to just one genre.

If that’s the case than you need to start planning for the WOMADelaide festival in March in Adelaide. Why? Because at this festival you’ll hear reggae, rock, funk, country and more.

You’ll never find another music festival like it and with the scenery of the Botanic Park, it’s the perfect way to spend some time.

Gourmet Escape

From the name you can already tell this Australian festival is going to be mouthwatering.

Whether you’re a diehard foodie or simply someone who just enjoys wine, then Gourmet Escape should be on your list.

You’ve got a fairly long wait, the festival isn’t until November in Western Australia, but you’ll get to taste amazing food, wine and attend lectures, lunches and demonstrations. It’s a food-lover’s dream come true.

These five Australian festivals throughout the year are some of the best festivals you’ll find around the world, so while you’re here enjoy everything Australia has to offer, other than the beaches and the barbequing.

What do you think? Any of you favourites I have missed? What festivals are you looking at going to? Let me know in the comments!

australian festivals

Who wouldn’t love a day at the races in Australia?

If you’re looking for the perfect Australian summer tradition, look no further – Australia’s horse races are a summer entertainment tradition that will get you outside and spending time with your friends and fellow travellers.

You’ll be able to experience Australian dining, fashion, and of course, the races themselves!

australia horse race

Summer tradition

Since the 1800s, Australia’s horse races have been a huge source of entertainment and have become an important spectator sport in Australia.

Today, visiting the horse races has become a summer tradition, and this on course entertainment is an essential experience when you’re visiting Australia.

Going to a horse race is also a very social experience, because you’ll have the chance to mingle and talk to the people around you, make bets, and participate in the races as part of a community.

You can get involved in the various events happening at the races, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet lots of different people.

australia horse race

Visiting the races

There are lots of races in the summer; you’ll have no trouble finding one near you.

Start by searching online for horse races near you, or ask a member of your hotel or hostel staff. You can plan to spend the whole day at the races – bring your hat, comfortable shoes, and your best betting game.

The races are very affordable, and you can even end up earning money throughout the day by placing bets!

Before, during, and after the race

Before the race, you’ll see horses warming up in the pre-parade ring, then they will be paraded around the ring for the spectators and bettors to see.

You can check your programme to see all of the horses and their information about past competitions and wins. During the race, sit back, relax, and enjoy the event.

Afterwards, make sure to visit the winners’ enclosure to see all the horses, and to watch the jockeys being interviewed!

At any point throughout the day, you can check out all the other fashion and entertainment events as well.

Melbourne Cup

Called the “race that stops a nation”, the massive Melbourne Cup is one of the most notable and well-known horse races in the country.

You’ll be able to make bets, eat some good food, and watch the races.

The entire event, the Melbourne Cup Carnival, lasts an entire week and contains a total of ten races and tons of other events, such as fashion, dining, and entertainment. To visit this exciting event, you can purchase tickets online.

Best of all…

Going to the Australia horse races is a true Aussie experience; go with your friends and family to take part in this fun and exhilarating experience.

Throughout the day, you can take bets, check out all the different fashion and entertainment events, and enjoy the races!

With all these fun things to do, you can’t miss out on the horse races while you’re in Australia. 

Been to the races? Want to go? tell me about it in the comments below!

australia horse race

Sydney New Years – One of the best places in the world!

If you’re in Sydney over New Years’ as a traveller than you’re in luck for one of the best New Years’ ever, but to do so you need to keep a few things in mind.

As with any large city, things are going to be a little hectic and to get the most out of your experience you’ll need to keep these 5 tips in mind.

If you do that, you’ll be well on your way to an excellent Sydney New Years as a traveller.

Sydney New Years

No Taxis

There will be no taxis at this time because fewer people will be working and many people will want to be using them!

If you need to get from one place to another, make sure to always have a couple of backup options to get there, as you may find your primary route isn’t going to work out.

You’ll probably need to battle it out with other travellers at some points, but as long as you’re prepared with a plan then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

Pick One Spot

Watching the New Years fireworks in Sydney is an amazing experience and it’s arguably one of the best displays in the world.

Because of this, there are about a million different destinations you can watch the fireworks from, but the worst mistake you can make is to move around.

Not only will this be difficult due to the sheer number of people, but it also means that you risk losing your one location to move to another that may have more people and a worse view.

Your best bet for Sydney New Years as a traveller is to pick your destination ahead of time and stick with it.

Sydney New Years

Get There Early

Once you choose your destination, get there early early early. Want a good spot for the fireworks? Great, so does every other person.

If you’re not there early you may not get a great vantage point for watching them. Seeing as it’s summer in Australia, parking yourself outside for a few hours (or more) shouldn’t be too big of a burden.

Bring Your Own Food

While there are plenty of food places around all the popular places to watch the fireworks and plenty of bars and places to get alcohol, you should bring snacks and some of your own food.

Not only will this save money, but it means you don’t need to risk losing your place by getting up and moving around.

Maybe Choose A Boat

Boats may be some of the best vantage points for watching the fireworks, but one thing to keep in mind is once you’re on that boat there’s no getting off until it docks again, so this isn’t a great idea for people who have never been on a boat before.

However, dinner and drinks and an excellent place to watch the fireworks could be an excellent investment.

Experiencing Sydney New Years as a traveller is an amazing experience and not one you’ll forget, so keeping these 5 tips in mind, go out and have an excellent time and ring in the new year with enthusiasm, we know you will.

What are your New Years plans? Anything I have missed? What are your New Years stories? Let me know in the comments below!

Sydney New Years

The Ferry to Manly is a must-do!

Manly is known for more than surfing and swimming; while there are plenty of opportunities to participate in water activities, you’ll also find restaurants, attractions, and entertainment, all with fantastic views of the harbour. It is a must-do in Australia.

With the coastlines, pathways, cliffs, and stunning lookout points, Manly is the perfect destination for you, no matter what kind of trip you’re looking for.

To start of your journey, make sure to take the ferry to Manly; it’s a great ride, and you’ll have amazing views of the harbour.

  ferry to manly

Why Manly?

There are tons of things to do in Manly no matter what kind of trip you’re looking for; you can check out Manly Water Works or visit the Manly Art Museum.

You can also swing by the Manly Corso, one of the most famous attractions in Manly. This mall contains not only shops, but pubs, cafes, clothing and other retail stores too.

ferry to manly

Check out the Corso on your way to Manly’s Ocean Beach, or stay a while to grab some lunch.

South of the Manly Corso, you’ll see several cafes with fantastic waterfront views.

You could hang out at the Shelly Beach, popular for snorkeling and surfing, or walk along the Cabbage Tree Bay Eco-Sculpture route, learning about marine wildlife, plants, and history through these unique sculptures.

North of the Corso, you’ll find the Manly Lagoon Reserve (and Lagoon Park), which is a great place to visit for a day trip with your family and friends.

While you’re in the area, you can spend some time enjoying the views with a picnic, or play some games with your family.

This area is a breeding ground for tons of types of fish, birds, and other animals, you you’ll definitely see some wildlife while you’re out. In this area, you can also see the Queenscliff Beach and Queenscliffe Bridge; these beautiful areas are the perfect place to check out the views and go on a walk or hike.

Ferry to Manly

Out of all the ways to get to Manly, the ferry is definitely the best due to the great ride and incredible views of the harbour.

You don’t need to a harbour cruise. The Manly ferry has great views and is simply public transport!

The ferry, which began running in 1855, has an interesting historical background and amazing views of Sydney.

The ferry leaves from Sydney and runs regularly, day and night, every day of the week; it will get you to Manly in a short 30 minutes.

Along the way, you’ll have a chance to spot some marine wildlife, or take in the incredible view of the harbour and Sydney from the outdoor seating area.

As you get closer to Manly, you’ll probably see the North Head, which is part of the Sydney Harbour National Park and has fantastic views of the harbour.

At this point, you’ll have amazing views of the harbour as well as Sydney and its skyline including the harbour bridge and the opera house! If you time it right, you’ll be able to see the beautiful sunset over Sydney.

Try to get a seat at the front of the ferry out side if the weather is good!

The ferry is definitely an incredible and iconic experience for any visitor to Australia; it is an incredible trip to start your incredible time in Manly and is certainly a must-do in Sydney.

Have you caught the Manly ferry? Thinking of doing it? Of have some photos to share? Let me know in the comments below!

ferry to manly

You might never have heard of Cockatoo Island in Sydney – But it’s great!

Cockatoo Island, located off the coast of Sydney, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has become a cultural landmark of Australia, and is known for celebrations and festivals as well as tons of activities.

The island has even been a filming site for several major movies, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

With all these incredible features, it’s surprising that this island has remained the Sydney traveller’s secret!

cockatoo-island cockatoo island

In the past…

Cockatoo Island used to be a prison for second-time offenders in Australia, and was then converted into Australia’s largest shipyard.

It operated from 1857-1971, and became a landmark in the harbour. Now, its unique history continues to make it a major attraction for anyone visiting the area.


Cockatoo Island has become a destination site – visitors can see the dockyard, shipbuilding complex, and other functions and structures of the shipyard.

You can even check out the Shipyard Stories exhibition, see a steam crane demo, or visit the workshop to see the island’s machinery being restored! 

In addition, it has become a cultural landmark; all kinds of celebrations and festivals are held at Cockatoo Island, including the Cockatoo Island Festival, the Cockatoo Island Film Festival, and the Underbelly Arts event.

There are also several contemporary art exhibitions and installations that are frequently presented at the island.


In addition to the festivals and celebrations mentioned above, Cockatoo Island is also known for its New Year’s celebrations; the island is the perfect place to watch Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks.

You’ll be able to camp, barbeque or picnic, and just hang out with your friends.

In addition to the countless festivals and celebrations, there are lots of things to do at Cockatoo Island on a regular basis. My favourite is the Biennale of Sydney where art lights ups the island!

You have a huge variety of options for tours; you can take a convict history guided tour, group tour, or audio tour. You can even watch a few informational videos.

One of the island’s more unique features is easily the giant chess game; this outdoor feature is too entertaining to pass up!

Also, don’t forget picnic or barbeque with a beautiful view of Sydney, or play some tennis or basketball in the beautiful weather – any of these activities are perfect for your next day trip.

cockatoo cockatoo island

Planning your trip

Since the island does not have an entrance fee, it is the perfect place to visit any day of the year. The island is easy to access by using a ferry, and there are plenty of places to stay on the island; you can stay in renovated houses and apartments, or you can even go camping!

Whatever type of trip you have in mind, this island has the perfect accommodation for you.

Ready to go?

When you visit Cockatoo Island, you’ll be able to picnic, barbeque, and explore the island in one of Australia’s most beautiful areas.

With the island’s beautiful weather and views as well as unique Australian accommodation and activities, it is the perfect place to spend time with your travel friends.

Have you been? Thinking of going? Let me know in the comments below!