Changes to the Australia WHV in 2017 — Why Are We Still Waiting?

Changes to the WHV—Why Are We Still Waiting?

If you’re coming to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa (WHV), then you’ve probably seen that there have been some changes made to the working holiday visa, however, they’ve yet to be implemented.

Because it’s been a while since we went over a few of the changes, let’s take a quick look at what these changes to the working holiday visa will be.

Changes to the Australian WHV

The rate of 15% for every dollar will be introduced; this is down from 19%. However, the normal tax rate will remain in place for anyone earning more than AU$37,000.

In the past, no one could work for an employer for more than 6 months, period.

Now, you can work for the same employer for 12 months, as long as it’s in a different region on a different premise.

This is great news for people hoping to stay with the same company.

The application fee for the working holiday visa has dropped from AU$440 to AU$390—anything that gives us more money to travel is excellent news for all of us.

Changes to the Australian WHV

The age limit will also increase from 30 to 35.

The conditions you need to qualify for a working holiday visa (WHV) and the countries eligible for a working holiday visa will not change.

For example, you can’t have held a working holiday visa in the past, you have a valid passport that integrated with the working holiday program, you’re between 18 and 25, you’re a visitor that wants to spend your holiday in Australia, you have the money to support yourself (around AU$5,000), have enough money for a ticket back (included in the previous point) and you aren’t accompanied by kids.

These changes are great news for everyone and we were excited to see them implemented come January 1, 2017 like promised. Unfortunately, this still hasn’t happened. Why these changes to the working holiday visa haven’t occurred yet is quite puzzling.

There hasn’t been a policy change, so it’s possible it’s just government logistics that are holding it back. It’s also strange there’s been no word on why these changes haven’t occurred yet.

If you’re waiting for these changes to the working holiday visa to be enacted to apply, just keep watching this space and we’ll let you know as soon as they have.

For now, we have no idea while we’re all still waiting and hanging in the balance. In the mean time, I suppose we can just start planning our trips to all the amazing places we want to go and see on this working holiday adventure.

Changes to the Australian WHV


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