What to Expect on Valentine’s Day in Australia

Wondering about what to do for Valentine’s Day in Australia?

One of the more popular holidays in countries around the world, Valentine’s Day has a long history of big dinners, cards and gifts, and romantic gestures. If you’re going to be in Australia for Valentine’s Day this year, you can expect all these things and more!

While Valentine’s Day isn’t as big in Australia as it is in other countries, like the US, there are still tons of fun ways to organize the day if you want to celebrate it!

Valentines's Day in Australia

What’s the usual?

Valentine’s Day in Australia is really celebrated the same as it is in other places; people usually exchange flowers and cards (commonly e-cards!) with their loved ones. However, the day is also about family and friends, not just significant others!

So, no matter who you are celebrating with, there are plenty of things to do. Depending on how you are celebrating, some people go out for a nice meal, or attend a festival or show.

Special deals

If you’re looking for plans for Valentine’s Day this year, don’t worry; you have plenty of options to choose from. A lot of restaurants are doing special deals for Valentine’s Day; to start off your plans, you can check out the restaurants in your area and see which ones are offering deals!

Lots of restaurants tend to offer deals on Valentine’s Day, like discounts on multi-course meals or a free dessert! By participating in some of these deals, you can save a lot of money on your Valentine’s Day plans.

Valentines's Day in Australia

Planning Valentine’s Day

After enjoying a meal at one of these restaurants, you could attend a festival or carnival, or try a cruise or tour! There are plenty of activities out there to make sure you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day celebration.

There are still available spots on a lot of cruises and tours around Australia; you can go on a cruise and getaway to Fraser Island or North Stradbroke Island, or go on a boat tour in Hervey Bay. Any cruise or tour (especially at Australia’s beautiful beaches) is sure to be a huge success for your Valentine’s Day!

If you’re looking for something more unique, you could even try the Moonlight Cinema, or try a winery tour in the Gold Coast.

Check out your local area for even more ideas; each area in Australia has limitless activities and events to make your Valentine’s Day perfect.

If there are any in your area, you can also check out some of the carnivals and festivals, or other Valentine’s Day festivities.

These are a lot of fun, and help you to celebrate the holiday with a bunch of local people and other travellers! This is especially great when you are visiting Australia over Valentine’s Day, because you’ll get a better feel for the culture and get to see some local traditions, customs, and celebrations.

Get started!

By looking for deals at restaurants and checking out local attractions or celebrations, you’ll have a unique Valentine’s Day experience while saving some money!

With these suggestions, you’ll be able to organize the perfect Valentine’s Day for you and your loved one.

What are your plans? Let me know in the comments below!

Valentines's Day in Australia


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