How to get the BEST Flight Deals to Australia and in Australia

You want the best flight deal huh? Well, I do too. I love hunting down a bargain as you can most likely tell from most of my other articles.

The flight to Australia generally 24 hours (from the USA and Europe), and price can vary depending on season. It is a long haul flight, so be prepared, wear comfortable clothes and try to pick a flight with the fewest connections and the shortest connection time.

These days, with so many good online search engines, you can often run a search and find exactly what you want within a few clicks. Perfect for the independent traveller.

The first tip I want to give you is website I love to search through for some amazing deals and it is listed in my FREE Australia Independent Traveller Action Plan!

You can get some crazy good flight deals to Australia, they are often less flexible than normal flights, but that is no problem for independent travellers. I once found a return business class ticket from Switzerland to Sydney for €1200, and have also seen some flights as low as $200 London to Sydney.

If you are flexible, and want to spend some time hunting down the best flight, you need this fantastic resource! So get the Australian action plan now!

The next tip is for all your flight searches. I think I have found the best provider for finding the best deals on flights! My suggested search tool is momondo.

I find these guys have a great search system to find the best flights, and momondo always seems to find the best airline and the best price.

I use this website every time I need to book a flight to anywhere in the world as I can always rely on it to get the cheapest price. If you can find a better deal elsewhere please let me know!

I also love momondo because they search all the airlines; even the smaller less known airlines. So you really get know you are getting the best offer and you can see ALL of the flights and not just some of them.

momondo – Great interface to ensure you have the best prices

Price aside, I also like their interface as you can easily see an overview of the flight prices so it easy for you to select the best flight on a different day for the best price especially if you a flexible.

On top of that is easy to pick your preferred airline if you like to avoid some of the budget airlines and like extra comfort. I always try to get Emirates if I can.

You can put in your parameters to find exactly what you want. momondo just offers it all.