Getting around Australia

Public Transport

Public transport is possibly the most popular way of travelling Australia as an independent traveller. You have a lot of options, and it is generally pretty easy to get around.

I have always liked public transport, as you often get to meet other travellers, which can make the journey more entertaining.

Around cities like, Melbourne or Sydney, they will have their own transport network; trams in Melbourne, trains and buses in Sydney.

You can get all the pertinent information from the individual city websites. Here I will focus information on more long distance travel.

Taxis are often expensive. Check out Uber. If you haven’t joined yet,  get Uber now. (Trust me, it is brilliant.)

Tip: For nearly all travel (except planes) if you have a valid Backpackers card, you can get some pretty decent discounts.


Bus is often the cheapest option, and therefore it is often the most popular option. Australia is big, so expect long trips. Bring some snacks and a book or podcasts.

You have a few companies to choose from. The most popular is Greyhound, which has the most extensive bus network in Australia. Premier also has quite an extensive network and is cheaper than Greyhound, but less regular times.


A train is an awesome way to get around in Australia. There a few famous train routes, namely the Ghan between Adelaide and Darwin via Alice Springs, The Indian-Pacific between Sydney and Perth, The Queenslander between Brisbane and Cairns, and the Overlander between Adelaide and Melbourne.

I did the Overlander a few years ago, and loved it. You can even get passes to do a few different routes.

For bookings and information check out


By air is often the quickest and most convenient way to travel due to the big distances. There are a few different airlines to choose from such as Jetstar, Tiger Air, Qantas, and Virgin.

But the best way to book is online, using a comparison website. I suggest using who I use – momondo because they compare all the airlines, and don’t charge a fee to you!

The difference between momondo and other options out there is they have a great interface and it makes it easy to pick the best flight time and price, making it so easy to make a decision.

Check out momondo here. Also check my FREE Backpacker Australia Independent Action Plan to find out how to get flights to Australia from anywhere in the world for as low as $200 here!

Car Rental

Using a rental car is a great way to see Australia. You can be totally flexible and explore areas that you may not otherwise see.

There are heaps of car rental companies in Australia and this can make things a little confusing. I highly suggest booking on line as you will always get the best deals.

Also I believe I have found the best place to book online and where you should be able to find the best offers on car rentals. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself here for the best car rental deals.

Campervans and Motorhomes

Travelling Australia by Campervan or Motorhome is also a great way to see Australia because like a rental car you get to see things you wouldn’t otherwise see by public transport.

The advantage with a Camper in Australia is you can sleep in it and you will get to sleep in some of the most magical places in the world!

Again I believe I can find the best value campervan and motorhome rentals. Try for yourself here for the best camper prices. Can’t get the best price – then let me know!

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