Going out on the Reef? – Take motion Sickness Pills!

I very rarely get sick through motion sickness. I guess I am lucky, not that is necessarily something I think about. I guess I would only think about it if I did get sick and then and only then would I realise how unlucky I was.

silverswift2 weeks ago I went out on the Great Barrier Reef. I departed from Cairns on Silverswift and was immediately impressed with how spacious the boat yet also found it small enough to not feel overwhelmed.

I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with some coffee, cheese sandwiches and muffins – much needed after having to get up bright and early for the trip.

Now, a friend of mine is a dive instructor and he gave me a tip before I left. “Mate” he said, “Make sure you take some medical grade motion sickness pills”.

I told him I don’t get sick. “Famous last words” he replied. He then proceeded to tell me that so many people get sick on the journey out to the reef and it can ruin your trip.

There is also no real downside to taking a motion sickness pill except you may get a bit drowsy later that day. It certainly gave me something to think about.

That morning as I boarded Silverswift ready for my day out his words echoed in me. He had also told me to do it as soon as I boarded the boat as they took a while to kick in.

I decided I was not going to risk getting sick and wanted a motion sickness pill. Fortunately for me the crew on Silverswift sell them on board. I paid the $3.50 and swallowed the pill down with my tea.

I quickly made a friend who was a Italian girl called Emilia who had been working in Sydney. I told her what my friend had told me and she replied the same way I did “I never get sea sick”. As much I suggested it could be a good idea – she refused. With that; the boat motor started up and we were on our way.

We waved good-bye to Cairns and headed out to the reef. Silverswift goes to the outer reef and also because if its speed it visits 3 different sites.

The weather was perfect however as predicted by the forecast there was a small swell. Swift has all the modern technology to keep the boat as stable as it can be but this didn’t stop a bit of motion and within 20 minutes Emilia had turned pale. Soon I got her a paper bag and she was using that regularly.

silverswift (1)What amazed me was it wasn’t just her. There were a lot of sick faces around the boat.

For me I was fine and I never got to see that cheese sandwich and muffin again as it stayed down. Was it the motion pills?

I have no idea but I did have the same initial response as Emilia by thinking I would be fine. So I was glad I took them.

After just over an hour we had made it to the outer reef and because of the reef; the waters calmed. I was ready to hit the water for some snorkelling and I did just that.

I couldn’t believe the beauty. I had been out to the great barrier reef but I had never seen a reef as beautiful as Flynn reef which is one of Silverswifts destinations. After a bit of recovery Emilia joined me and we explored the reef together.

Before a massive lunch of hot and cold choices I had already seen 2 turtles, a harmless reef shark and some nemos! I ate some sushi as we talked with other guests about what we had all seen.

Certainly glad I took those motion sickness pills – if you are thinking of doing a reef trip I suggest you do the same to enjoy the trip as much as possible!

Have I missed something? Or something you don’t agree with? I would love to hear about your trip to the reef! Let me know in the comments!

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