Hospitality Jobs

There are so many reasons why I like hospitality for work in Australia. The main one being it is very social. You get to meet loads of locals and travellers.

The work can be varied. It is fairly easy to find, and there is a lot of this type of work, especially when in season.

Bars, hotels, cafes, and restaurants are always on the look out for staff; just present yourself well.

What kind of Work

If you want to work in hospitality, there are plenty of different opportunities. You can work as:

  • Chef
  • Kitchen help
  • Driver
  • Cafe Assistant
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Bar Work
  • Kitchen Hand
  • Cleaner
  • Front Office

How to get the job

Go in Person

Don’t just look online, go in, with your resume, to the business. Present yourself well, be friendly, and offer to do a trial. It is common that a business will want to do a day trial with you, so why not offer it first – it shows you are keen.

Talking face to face rather than an email really helps your chances. I go in this and a lot more stuff in more details in my eBook so I highly suggest reading it before you come.

Resume tips

  • Have your RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) and list it on your resume
  • Dedicate your resume for the job. If you are going for a bar job, push your bar experience, if you are going for a cleaning job, push your cleaning experience.
  • Make it a single page. Simple but efficient.
  • This is a bit cheeky, but exaggerate your experience. The work is pretty simple, if you think you can do let them know that.
  • Add any course you have done.

RSA Certificate

In Australia when you serve Alcohol you need a RSA certificate (Responsible Service of Alcohol). It is fairly easy to get.

Every state in Australia has its own rules regarding the RSA certificate; in some cases, it may only be useable in the state you got it from.

If you know where you are going to work, you even get one online (some states) before you leave home.

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Training Programs

You can look at doing a hospitality training program, such as a Barista Course. This one is particularly popular for independent travellers.

By doing this, it shows an employer that you are keen, and it also will help your confidence levels about what you can offer. The courses are generally just a day or two, so they don’t take that much time.

Employment Agencies

Employment agencies can be great, but just make sure it is a place that allows backpackers and travellers to register. It can take some time, so be patient.

A good agency dedicated for backpackers that I highly recommend to speed up the process is Jobs4Travellers and to make it even sweeter use the promo code MYAUSTRIP1  for a 10% discount on standard membership – reduced to $31.50, or use MYAUSTRIP2 for 10% discount on the “Ozzie Starter Pack” that includes TFN and bank account set up – reduced to just $50.

Online Job Sites

Even though, of course, it is good to use online job sites, there can be a lot more competition, and this is why I mentioned earlier it is a good idea to drop off your resume so they don’t have to look for you – you are right there!.

Best sites for online job hunting are:

Final tips

  • Have fun while looking
  • Don’t stress – A job will come
  • Tell people you are looking – You never know who may be able to help you.
  • Stay motivated and be active
  • Allocate a few hours in the morning for looking every day

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