Lifestyle in Australia

Australia has it all! Great climate, high quality of life, a strong economy, as well as superb education and health systems. It is an independent traveller’s paradise.

I probably sound like a traitor, as I am originally from New Zealand (and no; Australia and New Zealand are not the same country!).

But I am here to be honest, and that is exactly what I intend to do. I love it here for so many reasons.

So much to do and see

Australia is so diverse, from the outback to beautiful beaches. It might seem crazy, but there are even ski fields. It is a nature lovers paradise.

There are rainforests, reefs, deserts, and beautiful cities to explore. Only problem is; you just can’t do it all!

Some of my Favourite State by State highlights

  • NSW – Sydney, Byron, Newcastle, Blue mountains
  • Victoria – Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island
  • ACT – Canberra
  • Northern Territory – Darwin, Ayers Rock
  • Tasmania – Hobart, Cradle Mountain, MONA Museum
  • Queensland – Cairns, Airlie Beach, Magnetic Island
  • Western Australia – Perth, Broome, Margaret River
  • South Australia – Adelaide, Wine tours!

Great climate

Sun, sun, sun! Well, most of the time, especially if you follow the seasons. The Northern States are most warm most of the year, and can be too warm in the hot, wet season!

The Southern States tend to have a cooler winter with beautiful summers. Australia is one of the driest continents of Earth.

You can expect a lot of barbecues and outdoor activities with other backpackers and locals.

High Quality of Life

Australians work hard and play hard; so join in the fun. Because of the great weather, a lot of social time is spent in the outdoors, and more often then not by the beach. 85% of Australians live within 50km of the coastline, and I expect you will too.

Things can be expensive, but because wages are so high, if you are earning here you won’t notice this too much, and if you are clever you can certainly save some money while you enjoy life here.

Great food

Australia is a new country, and therefore, there is a diverse range of cultures and ethnicities, and this means great food.

Locals often indulge in a whole range of menus from Mediterranean to Asian curries, and of course, typical pub food. You can also expect a lot of fresh seafood.

Some of favourite local foods

  1. Kangaroo – As a Kiwi, I love eating the nation emblem of Australia.
  2. Anzac Biscuits – Also a New Zealand favourite.
  3. Pavlova – A New Zealand invention? We will never know.
  4. Vegemite – Love it. Eat it daily.
  5. Tim Tams – A chocolate straw.
  6. Chicken Parmigiana – A great Aussie dish.

Friendly locals

‘Gidday mate’! Australians are known to be laid-back and friendly. You will meet plenty of friendly and vibrant locals everywhere you go.

Grab a beer in a local pub, and the stories you will be told create lasting memories.


Australia is a very safe country to travel. You shouldn’t really run into any issues. Australia has good roads, low crime, and great healthcare; this make its a safe and easy country to travel.

However, as with all travel, whether you are at home or here in Australia, you should take some precautions with your personal safety and belongings.

It is good to be aware of matters of nature such as bushfires, water dangers, and extreme heat.  It is good to be prepared for any journey including long bushwalks or hikes, and take sensible precautions in regards to sharks, crocodiles, and poisonous animals. Wear sunscreen too!

With common sense, you can safely enjoy Australia.

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