Why I use and love the Osprey Sojourn 80L Backpackosprey-sojourn-80l-5 Osprey Sojourn 80L

I wish I was minimalist traveller. I wish all I needed a few items and travelled with very little. Unfortunately as much as I have tried to keep my travel packing list to a minimum, it hasn’t worked.

I still need a good sized bag to keep my travel items with me when I travel in Australia or anywhere else for that matter. I travel with a ‘checked in bag’ that normally weights in at at least 20kgs (44lbs).

I choose the Osprey Sojourn 80L.

I have gone through about 4 bags in the last 10 years and I have finally settled on my backpack/bag of preference. It has literally been years and years of trials and error.

Finally I have found what I think is the best solution for travelling Australia. Here is my review on the Osprey Sojourn Wheeled/backpack Luggage which is the bag I use for 95% of my travel. Even if you don’t choose the Osprey Sojourn 80L, hopefully this post will give you some good information and things to look for as you make your decision for your travel backpack/bag.

Don’t skimp or go cheap

You guys know I love to save money especially when travelling. This is what this whole website is about after all. But when it comes to your backpack or travel bag; going cheap is not something I suggest.

Your bag is like home. It is with you 24/7 and when you travel you are using it constantly. A good bag is an asset to a traveller. The Osprey Sojourn 80L isn’t the cheapest bag on the market. But it features will make your life on the road so much easier.

Top loaders sucks – The Suitcase opening style is the bestosprey-sojourn-80l-1 Osprey Sojourn 80L

When I first travelled as a 19 year old I got a top loading backpack. I didn’t think about the practical aspect of the bag.

Every time I needed something from the bottom of the bag I would have to take everything out of the bag to get what I wanted before putting everything back in.

Never again. The next bag I got was a “suitcase opening style” just like the Osprey Sojourn 80L. It makes sense.

You can just unzip it open and it is easy to access your entire contents without having to pull everything out. Getting a suitcase opening style is a must in my opinion and this is why I love the Osprey Sojourn 80L. Don’t get a top loader whatever you do!

Wheels/backpack Hybridosprey-sojourn-80l-4 Osprey Sojourn 80L

I think when you first imagine your self travelling Australia and you start looking at pictures and reading blogs you imagine yourself with a bag on your back.

Hiking and exploring with a massive bag on your back seems like the thing to do. The reality of having a bag on your back is just not practical. It is heavy and in a country like Australia where it is extremely hot; a bag on your back will not do you any favours.

Expect to be sweating like crazy and expect to worn out from carrying it everywhere.

This is what I love about the Osprey Sojourn 80L. It is a Wheeled/backpack Hybrid.

Meaning you can wheel it around airports and cities making your travels much more convenient. I do this 99% of the time. The Osprey Sojourn 80L has brilliant tough wheels that can take on most surfaces (if you decide on another style of luggage – be sure to check wheel quality!).

On the odd occasion when you are in the outback or similar and there isn’t the road surface to be wheeling your bag; the Osprey Sojourn 80L has pack-away back straps that are extremely comfortable to use when you need to.

Great wheels and superb back straps make the Osprey Sojourn 80L my choice.

osprey-sojourn-80l-2 Osprey Sojourn 80L

It is lockable for extra security

Because of the one zip suitcase opening style you just one lock to keep your gear secure.

The zips are great quality have lockable loops so you can add your own lock with no security issues. I always feel more comfortable locking my bags on a long-hall flight.

Quality and final comments

Does this even seem like an honest review?  I haven’t said a single bad thing about this bag. I really don’t have anything bad to say about it. To me the Osprey Sojourn Wheeled 80L Bag is the perfect bag.

That is just the honest truth. I love the quality, I love the design, I love the practical elements, I love all this bag has to offer and I have been using it for about 2 and half years now with no issues and is still in great shape.

The Osprey Sojourn 80L is my bag of choice 100%. If you aren’t convinced, you can also check out a few of my other suggestions for backpacks and other travel gear.

I hope this helps you think about what type of bag will suit you! Do you agree with what I am saying? Have another suggestion for a bag? I would love to hear your comments below!


June 11, 2017
Hi, I know I'm late by 7 months but I have been looking at the Osprey Sojourn for the very reasons of keeping off the backpack but having a flexible option and Osprey is getting my attention. I am only a bit confused if I should go for the 60L or the 80L. I just wanted t ask you if the 80l is maybe not too big for a 5 week travel in Europe? Travelling mostly by train and maybe climbing the inevitable staircases? I pack light when I start out but by the end I have too many bags around me due to getting carried away shopping. I really like the specs of the Osprey Sojourn but I'm confused over size and I there isn't a store to visit where I can try it. I'll be looking to buy online. I'm female 5'5 and 60kgs. Thanks.
June 11, 2017
Hi! All good and thanks for the question. As you know; I use the 80l. I like the extra size and if it isn't full it does some-what compacts down quite well. As, I often travel for longer than 5 weeks at a time (often months or years) I find I need the extra room but always wish I was more of a minimalist! That said, as you are travelling for 5 weeks I would think the 60L would be plenty of room and sometimes when you have less space it means you just learn to travel slightly lighter (or do less shopping!) :) It is common for some travellers to travel years with just a 30L bag! But I personally find I need more. My gut would say if it is just the 5 week trip you are doing - get the 60L. If you have more travels planned for a longer time or you are a big shopper (like you did say) - get the 80L. Maybe you even answered your own question by saying you often end up with lots of other bags. Either way; it's an awesome bag! Just got back from a small weekend away and it just so tough and durable. I would suspect you won't have it on you back much so don't worry too much about that and the size etc...you will almost always wheel it. Have a great trip and let me know how you get on! Dave :)
June 11, 2017
Oh and do let me know what you decide and if you have any other questions :)

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