Other Work in Australia

The world really is your oyster in Australia. The economy is good and options are endless… what will you make of it?

As much as I generally suggest that travellers do hospitality, farm work or volunteer work, there are, of course, many other options. It is all what you make of it.

What is your motivation? Do you want to party and turn up to work hung over, or do you want to work like crazy and work on your career?

I have meet people that have done all sorts of jobs, from helping at festivals, construction, call centre work, office assistants, and many more independent backpackers who have got their dream job in their field with sponsorship.

It can happen. Hard work and perseverance can make anything happen; it is all up to you. You can even get an Australian Business Number if you want online in 5 minutes!

Other jobs you may end up finding are:

  • Construction
  • Driving/Deliveries
  • Phone marketing
  • Call Centre
  • Disability care
  • Security
  • Nurse (highly required)

Remember you can always go to Jobs4Travellers to assist in your work hunt and to make it even sweeter use the promo code MYAUSTRIP1  for a 10% discount on standard membership – reduced to $31.50, or use MYAUSTRIP2 for 10% discount on the “Ozzie Starter Pack” that includes TFN and bank account set up – reduced to just $50.


Want to move to Australia for good? Sponsorship is an option. This is when a company employs you and offers sponsorship, which will in turn give you permanent residency eventually.

Then you can stay here and enjoy this great country forever! So, if you have found your dream job or employer, it is worth giving it a try. Maybe they will even reach out to you first.


Maybe you are a bit older, and want to further your career. It can be hard with Working Holiday Visa restrictions. But not impossible.

Naturally, if you have a special skill that is needed in Australia or you are an expert in your field, you will find things easier, especially if you have the skills for a needed job such as IT, nursing etc.

The more motivation you have as a backpacker, the better.

I have even seen people offer their services for free to a company, and then have ended up with a job offer within just a few weeks! It’s worth a try.

Random Work

I hear plenty of stories of random jobs travellers and backpackers have ended up doing. I have even had my fair share myself. Who knows what you will end up doing; isn’t that all part of the adventure?

Just have fun and let the experience come. Embrace it!

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