Hervey Bay and Fraser Island Jet Ski Tours


Combine the fun of high speed water exploration with some amazing sightseeing on this 2.5 hour jet ski tour to lovely Fraser Island from Hervey Bay.


These jet ski tours from Hervey Bay focuses on a stunning stretch of beach on Fraser Island’s west coast, offering great fun and scenery. This spectacular section of the world’s largest sand island is picturesque in the extreme, and on this tour you’ll join your guides for a journey where you’ll have the chance to come up close with the likes of sea turtles, dolphins and perhaps even dugongs along the way. The agile jet safe jet skis are great even for first timers, and you’ll be given a full safety briefing as well as be monitored and checked on throughout the journey while also receiving insightful local commentary along the way.

On the tour, you will be one of the few who get the opportunity to explore this spectacular section of the island and end up coming away with a relaxing and purely-natural experience in an area that is almost completely untouched – you won’t believe the quality of the sand and the clarity of the water!