Backpacking Travel Insurance for Australia

Travel insurance a must for any independent traveller. It is simply one of those things you can’t afford to leave home without.

I believe in my opinion I have found the best travel insurance company. I have used World Nomads for every trip I have gone on for the last 10 years or more.

Below is a thank you email I wrote to World Nomads in 2008, when I was backpacking Asia; a true story from me when I got sick in Thailand.

I believe this would have cost me $3000, now this was Thailand, in any third world country, this would be a whole lot more! Get travel insurance and get it from the best travel insurance provider in my opinion: World Nomads.



I would like to just give you some feedback about World Nomads insurance. I couldn’t find anywhere on your website to place feedback, so I thought I would email you myself. I will also be placing this on the online forum where I found the link to WorldNomads.

I just want to let you know that I was extremely impressed with World Nomads.

I have been travelling on and off over the last 6 years: Russia, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific. I have taken an insurance policy every time I have been on the move.

I am very fortunate to not get sick often, and am very careful with my belongings, so travel insurance has always just been one of those things I have had to get but never needed to use, and to some extent, looked at it as simply a frustrating expense.

On my most recent trip to Asia, I took out a policy with World Nomads, as it seemed affordable and the feedback for Nomads was great. So, when I was found in severe pain in my hostel in Bangkok, and was admitted to the hospital with a gastro problem, I didn’t know what to do or expect.

A very nice lady named April called me straight away in the hospital to let me know that World Nomads would be able to help with anything I needed.

This was an amazing relief, and she put my mind at ease. She even connected me to my Mum so I could let her know I was OK. Making the claim was straightforward and easy. Communication was clear and the claim was paid in a very short time.

I am looking at going to France later this year. I know who my insurance company will be: World Nomads!

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You just have to have it!

So as you can see I was very relieved. Since then I continue to use World Nomads. I find them generally the cheapest and also a company I know I can trust. If there is one suggestion you take from me – take this one.

Want more reasons I believe World Nomad is the best travel insurance provider for independent backpackers and travellers?

  • As you can read above, it worked for me
  • It is loved by Lonely Planet
  • You can buy when you are already overseas
  • You can extend when your plans change
  • Resume your trip if it is interrupted
  • Gear cover for Digital Nomads
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance

If you want to book on the World Nomads site directly, click here or use the form above!