Using the Train to Travel Australia

If you’ve chosen to come travel Australia you’re probably pretty excited to get out and start moving around and seeing all these amazing places this country has to offer.

You may even see that flights aren’t very expensive (especially compared to US flight prices) and you may see that some buses are also very cheap. However, there’s a better way you can get around. Train travel in Australia is an awesome choice because there are so many great routes to get you around at a reasonable price.

So why should you choose train travel in Australia over buses, flying or even hitchhiking?

Train in Travel Australia

You See More

Trains are great because you get to see the landscape between point A and point B and sometimes this is the best part. The benefit of train travel versus buses is that it’s much quicker and usually more comfortable, but much quicker.

It’s Affordable

Train travel in Australia is an affordable means of transport but with the added bonus of being quicker than a bus and seeing the scenery between your two places.

It’s An Adventure

Another benefit to train travel is actually the ability to detour and create adventures. When you’re traveling by plane you go from point A to point B, no stopping, no exploring, just straight there. The same is usually true for buses. However, train travel means you can stop and explore places on the way.

See a cute town you like? Hop off, have a look around. You never know what little gems you might find.

Choosing train travel in Australia can also mean seeing parts of the country you might otherwise struggle to get to. Take the two journeys you can take on the Great Southern Rail—The Ghan and The Indian PacificTrain in Travel Australia

These routes take you through some of the most beautiful areas of Australia and are places you would probably never get to see because there’s nothing really there.

Unless you owned or rented a car and were prepared for camping, this would be difficult. The Ghan route takes you from Darwin to Adelaide via Alice Springs (or the opposite direction) and you have the option to stop off and experience some amazing places along the way, from outback experiences to seeing Alice Springs, Coober Pedy and more.

The Indian Pacific route will take you from Perth to Sydney via Adelaide (or again in the other direction). On this route you can also have some outback experiences, but you’ll also be able to experience Kalgoorlie, Adelaide and Broken Hill, and even Barossa Valley—wine country.

Choosing train travel in Australia is such a great choice because it’s a unique opportunity to see more of this amazing country on a more intimate scale.

The red center and the little towns further outside of the cities are what make Australia so special, and train travel in Australia makes it all the easier.


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