4 must-dos when backpacking Victoria, Australia

There’s no doubt that all of Australia is beautiful. Lovely oceans, awesome cities, amazing wildlife and even more. If you’re thinking of backpacking Australia that’s a great choice, but you’re probably hoping to narrow down the necessary sights in each state so you can make the most of your time.

When backpacking Victoria, Australia, you’ll find some amazing things, but to help you we’ve narrowed down the list to 4 must-dos to help you maximize your time.

backpacking Victoria, Australia

Great Ocean Road

Without a doubt, the Great Ocean Road is one of the highlights of all of Australia, not just Victoria.

This stretch of coastal highway has more than just pretty views of the ocean, but incredible natural rock formations that you have to see to believe. From the well-known Twelve Apostles to the Bay of Martyrs, this drive will be unlike anything else.

Although it stretches a little bit further, the main stretch of the road is from Torquay to Warnambool. When backpacking Victoria, Australia this is an absolute must-see.

Crown Casino

Based in Melbourne, Crown Casino is more than just somewhere to gamble your money away (or win big time if you’re actually good at it). Crown Casino owns tons of land, so if gambling isn’t really you’re thing you can have a nice meal, do some shopping and enjoy a walk on Southbank along the Yarra River.

While you should of course be making a stop in Melbourne while backpacking Victoria, you need to make sure you visit this elaborate and awesome casino as well.

Falls Creek

Victoria is a beautiful state and is very different to a lot of other places in Australia due to the fact that it has mountains and it can get snow. When backpacking Victoria, Australia you must take a trip to Falls Creek, the Alpine ski resort in the Alpine National Park.

Not only is the skiing fun, but the scenery is beyond stunning. They tend to get about 4m of snow a year, so you’ll be in for a nice weather change.backpacking Victoria, Australia

Phillip Island

You can’t visit Victoria without taking a trip to see the little penguins. While you can see some of the penguins in Melbourne, Phillip Island has even more of them and a beautiful setting as well.

From pristine white beaches to incredible hiking and food, you’ll never be bored on this beautiful island in Victoria. And hey, seeing wild penguins is going to pretty much be a highlight of your trip.

Of course there’s lots to see, but these are 4 absolute must-dos when backpacking Victoria, Australia and if you see these, you won’t feel like you’ve really missed out on anything.

Get ready to get the full Victorian experience; and no, we don’t mean dressing up like Queen Victoria and talking in a fake British accent.


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