5 of the Best Places to Party in Sydney with Locals

Sydney is a great city to Party!

The locals in Sydney love to party. They know some of the best places to go and spots out of the way of the touristy sections of the city.

Many travellers would love to find these popular hotspots. Sydney is well know as a city to party in even with the new lock out laws.

Yet, there is something special when you are in another country and just completely surrounded by locals. It really gives you that feeling that you are away from home. Here are five of my favourite places to party with the locals in Sydney, Australia.

ARG in Darlinghurst is a place to dance the night away!

ARQ – Darlinghurst, Sydney

ARQ is the superclub within the city. It’s not just the place for dancing and partying, but also offers something for different music styles.

There are two floors to this nightclub with a fish tank. The upstairs is for all things house and trance, while the downstairs section has commercial music from around the world. The best thing about this nightclub is that there are no set closing times. It all depends on the atmosphere at the time.

Candy’s Apartment – Kings Cross, Sydney

When you want a place that it out of the way and offers local talent, Candy’s Apartment is the place to go. Not only are you getting a great night, but to experience one of Sydney’s pioneering clubs.

There’s a mixture of electro, house, and hip-hop music, in the underground room with two bars and antique furniture.

The Argyle – The Rocks, Sydney

The Argyle is more than just a nightclub. It’s a space for all locals and travellers to unwind, relax, and have fun. There are six spaces under the roof, offering cocktails, all-night dancing, and a place for a quiet drink or too.

DJs come from local spots and around the world to entertain, making it one of the favourite places for everyone in Australia.

Young Henrys – Newtown, Sydney

Young Henrys is a brewery with a bar inside; this place is paradise. It attaches the cool and hipster crowd that flock to Newtown for the alternative lifestyle the area offers.

It is a great place to have some of the best beers Sydney has to offer and listen to some live music as you socialise with locals that regularly frequent this “hidden” Sydney bar.

Lord Dudley Hotel – Woollahra, Sydney

Ok, so again this might be a bit more of a quiet place but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be parting with locals. Lord Dudley is a cute English pub located in the quiet streets of Woollahra in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

It really is a locals haunt and you can relax, chat and enjoy great conversations or a game of darts with the many locals that frequent this joint. Its relaxed friendly atmosphere creates a great place for making local friends for the evening.

When you go to Sydney, it’s time to party where the locals are. There are so many exciting spots, whether you want to sip cocktails with your friends or dance the night away.

So, I think you should check out these places for some of the best entertainment Sydney has to offer.

Have I missed your favourite place? Let me know in the comments!

Young henrys in Newtown, Sydney is a great place to meet locals.


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