5 Reasons Why Americans should Travel to Australia

Australia is unique and a destination like no other

If you are American you might have discovered bits and pieces of information about Australia in magazines and in TV shows. Maybe you are inspired already.

You might have even seen some classic Australian movies, maybe most notable – “Crocodile Dundee”. But what is it really like in Australia? Is it like the United States? Australia is certainly far away and you may be thinking “is it worth me travelling all the way half way across the world to Australia“?

Well, here are 5 good reasons why Americans should travel to Australia.


Australia is a very safe country to visit

In this every changing world with so many concerning factors regarding stability and safety, when you are here in Australia these worries seems like a world away.

Truth is; it is a world away! Australia is a country so big and isolated from a lot of the worlds issues. It also shares no borders with foreign countries. It’s a diverse county and the everyday Australian loves to meet and welcome American Travellers.

So you can expect to be welcome with open arms, think of Australian welcoming you with some “North Carolina charm”, just with a different accent! Australia is very safe.

Exploring the streets of cities, small towns and even local pubs in Australia and you will not find any trouble, instead you will people willing to help you and offer tips and information with local advice of things to do.

You may even find yourself having a few drinks, just be warned Australian drink a lot so they can be hard to keep up with!

The Visa Requirements

Australia is very welcoming to American travellers and if you want to visit for up to 3 months you can get the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (subclass 601).

This a super easy visa to get and can even be done online. You will need a passport to leave the United States. Coming to Australia for your vacation couldn’t be easier.

Another great opportunity for those who are younger can even work in Australia using a Working Holiday Visa for Australia and from the 1st January 2017; anyone citizen of the United States who is under 35 years old can get a working holiday visa so you can extend your stay in Australia and really experience life in Australia and save some money while you do it.

The Differences

Something I hear a lot from Americans is the United States is so big and there so much to explore. For this reason a lot of Americans don’t travel.

While I agree that there is a lot to see in the United states, the culture remains the same. This is the beautiful thing about travelling.

It isn’t always about the place but the culture differences that make travel so exciting. Australia has some interesting cultural differences and as you explore and meet locals you will notice these more and more. Culture is a super interesting thing to explore.

Also, Australia has some things you will never see in the United states.  It is completely different. New shops and experiences, new landscapes, new sports to watch and new amazing and interesting exotic animals such as the Kangaroo and Platypus.

A common fear is some of the highly toxic animals in Australia. But trust me; you will not see any of these except if you are in a zoo.

The Similarities

While there are differences there are also a lot of similarities to help you relax and feel at home. It is very unlikely you are going to get out of your comfort zone.

You will not suffer culture shock in Australia. You can expect a level of high standards in hotels and restaurants that you are familiar with in the United states. In most cities and towns in Australian you can expect to find a specialist American Restaurant to get that hotdog or burger fix.

On the television and in cinemas you will often see shows and movies from back home. So, while you are half way across the world you will often see and taste things that will give you some comfort as you travel.

yarra-melb-myaustraliatrip1The Food

Food in Australia is amazing. Firstly you will not see as many Mexican restaurants as what you may be use to in the United States.

However you can expect to find great local delights that offer a wide range of variety of splendid dishes to satisfy any appetite. Australia is also home to some of the best coffee in the world especially in Melbourne.

Because of the wide variety of people and cultures that make up Australia you can find an amazing array of different types of restaurants from beautiful Asian restaurants to high quality french bistros. You are spoilt with choice!

So Australia is certainly worth the long hall flight from the United States. With so many things to explore, places to see, spots to relax and opportunities to try new things. Australia should be on the top of the list for any American Traveller.

What do you think? Have I missed anything? What are you planing to do while you are here? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!


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