Applying for the 457 Visa? These Changes Suck

Applying for the 457 Visa? These Changes Suck

The newest changes to the 457 visa is really sad news and although there are plenty of people who supported the changes, there are still tons of us who think it wasn’t the right decision.

Sadly, these changes are just making it so hard for foreigners to come work in Australia and this will not only affect the economy, but it will also take away from the vibrant, international and multicultural society that Australia has become.

Applying for the 457 visa is going to be harder than ever, with stricter requirements on pretty much every front and no reward of permanent residency at the end.

However, if you will still be applying for the 457 visa, it’s important to know who’ this is going to affect and what you can do about it. As much as we’d love to see more foreigners in Australia, it’s important to know what’s now allowed, what isn’t and knowing exactly where you stand with the law.

applying for the 457 visa

So you live here already. Now what?

If you have already applied for the 457 visa and been approved and currently work in Australia, these changes will not affect you.

Although the changes do suck, the bright side is previous applicants and current workers won’t be penalized and have to adapt to a new program that they weren’t expecting when they arrived.

Not perfect English skills?

If you’re applying for the 457 visa as a foreigner from a country where English isn’t the native language, you may be in danger of not being approved for the visa under the new, stricter English language rules.

Currently, there aren’t any specifications on what you’ll need to pass in order to be approved but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date should anything change.

What if you have applied for the 457 visa and not yet heard back?

If you applied for the 457 visa and have not had a decision yet but you applied under the pretense of the old rules and you’re no longer interested, you may be eligible for a refund. If you choose to proceed, we wish you the best of luck. applying for the 457 visa

Universities are going to struggle with hiring.

The new rules for applying for the 457 visa affects universities probably the most of anyone. Currently, the new rules stating you must have two years of experience in your skilled expertise means universities won’t be able to hire Ph.D’s or other high-level academic professors and researchers because technically those years don’t count as work.

This would massively hurt Australia because it should be able to offer its students the best of the best, and excluding people doing intensive, high-level education and study is a poor decision to say the least.

Unfortunately, applying for the 457 visa is going to become difficult and perhaps not such an attractive option for lots of people. If your job is no longer listed, you probably won’t have any success in applying for the 457 visa anymore.

We’re so sad to hear this news and we think it’s really crap, for lack of a better phrase. Despite these changes, we hope to still see foreigners in Australia because it only makes the country better and stronger.


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