Australia Seafood Delicacies When Traveling Australia

Australia Seafood Delicacies When Traveling Australia

It’s no secret that Australians have great seafood. I mean, it’s an island, it would be weird if there were no special Australian seafood delicacies.

While you can of course can seafood in lots of places around the world, there are some specific seafood items that are native to Australia or that Australians love.

If you’re a seafood person, these top Australian seafood delicacies should absolutely be on your list of things to consume, other than beer, of course.

seafood in Australia


This giant fish is a much-loved seafood staple in Australia and they’re found mainly off the coast of Queensland. The barramundi is also known as the Asian sea bass and can weigh as much as 60kg.

That is a lot of fish to feed people. Barramundi will always be fresh in Australia because of the close proximity, but the way its served will vary greatly.

You could have a whole barramundi served to you, or have it over a bed of lettuce in a nice white sauce. Are we making you hungry? Great! Get out there and eat some barramundi.

seafood in Australia

Tiger Prawns

You’ve probably seen tiger prawns before and perhaps you thought, ‘holy cow that is one giant shrimp.’ The tiger prawn can certainly look a little terrifying, especially uncooked, but it’s still an Australian seafood delicacy that you must try.

Tiger prawns are typically found in northern Australia, but you can eat them or purchase them pretty much all around the country. Nothing better than tiger prawns in a garlic butter sauce.

Tiger prawns are also typical at surf and turf restaurants or combined with rib eye steaks and chips.


You may have never heard of an abalone before so this may be the true Australian seafood delicacy you’re looking for.

A type of snail in the mollusk family, you’ll definitely be going out of your comfort zone to try one of these bad boys.

Tasmanian Oysters

Sure you can get oysters around the world, but you can only get Tasmanian oysters in Australia, making it a much-loved seafood staple in the country.

The Tasmanian oyster industry is currently one of the most thriving and vibrant fish farming sectors in Australia, so it’s time you became a part of that and tried this awesome seafood delicacy native to Australia.

Fish Yourself

There’s nothing more rewarding than going fishing, catching something awesome and then grilling it up to eat. You’re in Australia, so why don’t you try fishing yourself and see what you catch. Your dinner will never be fresher; we guarantee it.

Seafood is a big deal in Australia so if you’re visiting you should definitely make an effort to try these amazing Australia seafood delicacies.

When you travel to a country, it’s best to try anything and everything and hey, if you don’t like it, it’s an experience, right?

What seafood are you looking forward too? Let me know in the comments below!

seafood in Australia


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