6 Australian Food and Meals You Need To Try

Ever thought about Australian Food?

What the hell is Australian Food? Australia, the land of the Great Barrier Reef, kangaroos and koalas, but luckily for you, there’s more to Australia than simply the laid-back attitude and the incredible natural wonders and wildlife.

Like any country, Australia has particular foods that are specific to it alone and honestly, you wouldn’t have experienced all of Australia without trying these 6 Australian foods.

Chicken Parmigiana

You may have had this before and you may know it as simply “chicken parm”, but this is an Australian food pub staple.

Crumbed Chicken, a tomato parmigiana sauce and cheese served typically with chips (sometimes under the chicken, but this is a point of debate), chicken parmigiana is an Australian food favourite and you can’t visit Australia without giving this classic a try.

australian-food-chicken-parma Australian food


I know; I can hear you cringing at the thought. Perhaps you thought Australians eating crocodile meat was just a stereotype and that people don’t actually eat it.

While it’s not an incredibly common type of meat (you aren’t likely to wander into a subway and find the “crocodile meat footlong special), Australians do eat crocodile meat and it’s common enough that you should try at least once in your life in a country where you can just buy it in the grocery store alongside your chicken and beef.

australian-food-crocodile Australian food


I know it can be hard to want to eat kangaroo because they’re cute and fuzzy and to you, a non-Australian, they’re probably still a novel and fun creature rather than just a source of food.

However, kangaroo meat is pretty common in Australia—especially in the form of a sausage, called kanga banga.

Ultimately, kangaroos are just as plentiful as cows, sheep or chicken are are no different, some come on, buck up and give this uniquely Australian meat a try.

australian-food-kangaroo Australian food

Tim Tams

Here’s something that has no cringe worthiness to it. Tim Tams have been around since the 60s and were named after the horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 1958, so I guess at least if you don’t like them you’ve got a cool story to tell anyway.

A Tim Tam is a chocolate biscuit that consists of two malted biscuits connected with a light chocolate cream filling and then covered entirely in chocolate. If that doesn’t sound good, I don’t know what does. It is common to polish off a packet during a break out.

australian-food-timtams Australian food

An Aussie Pie

What do you call a seven-course meal in Australia? An Aussie pie and a six pack. I can hear your half-hearted sympathy laughs now—but that’s really how the joke goes.

An Aussie pie is a meat pie that has been a staple in Australian cuisine since the early 1900s. These are usually served as little mini, individual servings and have a crumbly, buttery crust with delicious meat inside.

Can’t pass up this Australian food opportunity when to travel to Australia. And don’t forget tomato sauce on the side!

australian-food-chicken-pie Australian food

Vegemite on Toast

We’ve saved the best and most Australian food of all for last. Vegemite. And yes, on toast, because otherwise you’re going to regret that decision for a long time—Vegemite belongs on toast.

If anything is an Australian icon, it’s Vegemite. Much like peanut butter is to the United States, they say 90% of all Australians have a jar of Vegemite in the house.

You can’t say you went to Australia and didn’t at least try Vegemite, so go on and just try a little. You may be pleasantly surprised. I have it daily! Oh, and just a light scrap is all you need; too much and you will be put off for life!

australian-food-vegemite Australian food

These six Australian food options are things you must try if you visit this great country. It’s easy to fit it all in among your sightseeing, so no excuse. So go forth and experience the great things this country has to offer.

What Australian Food are you looking forward to? What have you tried? Let me know in the comments below!


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