Australian Traditions You Should Know About When Travelling Australia

Wondering what some Australian Traditions are?

Australia is an awesome country and although it may seem very similar to other western countries, it still has its own traditions and people still do things a particular way or like to do specific things that other countries aren’t as big on.

These are the most common Australian traditions you should know about when traveling Australia.

Why should you know about these Australian traditions?

Well because they’re great fun and you should take part!

Australian Traditions

Australia Day

This Australian tradition is a holiday that occurs in January and celebrates Australia’s national day. Essentially, Australians are celebrating being a country.

Think of it as kind of a US Fourth of July.

On this day people will be out celebrating in pubs, bars, restaurants and everywhere in between all decked out in Australian attire.

People will be having fun and since it’s in the summer you’re likely to get some awesome barbeques and beach activities as well. Depending on where you are, you may even see some fireworks.

A Summer Christmas

This Australian tradition is less of a “tradition” and more it’s just something that occurs by nature of geography, but the way people celebrate it is what makes it a tradition.

Rather than cozying up inside over the Christmas period, Australia is hot and bustling with activity.

People will be outside enjoying the weather, barbequing and rolling around in the sand and wading in the surf if there’s a beach nearby.

If you’re heading to Australia, celebrating an Australian summer Christmas is a pretty special experience so if you have the option, you should definitely try to build that tradition in.

Australian Traditions


We’ve mentioned barbeques a few times in this article and if you haven’t been able to tell, it’s one heck of an Australian tradition.

Australians love to barbeque and you’ve probably heard their term for it before—the barbie. It’s a stereotype because they love it and it’s great fun.

Food off of a barbie is way better than food from a stove or an oven.

It’s about being outside, celebrating the outdoors and having fun with friends and family. It’s a great tradition you should take part in.

Pub Culture

Lastly, Australia is big on its pub culture. Australians love to go out for a beer, sit outside and enjoy each other’s company.

Pubs are cozy, fun and filled with laughter and music and they’re very different to just a simple bar and there is often great Australian food!

If you’re visiting Australia, visiting a pub will be a big part of experiencing Australian culture and traditions because a pub can mark any occasion or simply be just for fun.

These Australian traditions are some of the best parts of the Australian culture.

If you’re traveling or visiting Australia, you should experience as many of them as possible because that way you’ll experience the true and authentic Australia. And at the very least, it’s just plain fun.

What other traditions are there> Anything I have missed? What are you looking forward too? Let me know in the comments below!

Australian Traditions


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