What’s it like to date an Australian guy?

What’s it like to date an Australian guy?

Dating across countries can be an exciting experience but also means you’ll come across a few instances of culture shock.

Even countries like the UK, the US or Canada might seem very similar to Australia, the people have very different personalities and so there are a few things you’ll need to get used to.

If you decide to date an Australian guy, there are some things you’ll need to adapt to and things you should expect. Whether you are or plan to, here’s what you need to know on what it’s like to date an Australian guy.

Dating an Australian guy

They Love Their Beer

Beer is beloved in Australia; it’s like holy water. And Australian men love their beer. Really, truly love it. It’s kind of like a love affair.

If you’re dating an Australian guy, be prepared for lots of beer consumption at nearly every meal. And also be prepared because beer in Australia ain’t cheap.

They’re Loud!

Australians are jolly people, which is great news because they’re great fun, but it also means that you’re Australian man is going to be Loud, with a capital L. Rowdy, noisy and fun, you might begin to think it’s got to do with all that beer he consumes…

Dating an Australian guy

Be Prepared For Swearing

Swearing isn’t seen as rude in Australia as it is in other countries, so people will typically call each other seemingly rude names just out of endearment.

If you hear your Australian guy doing this, don’t be alarmed, he doesn’t hate your or his friends—it’s just the way they are. Australians are generally just more relaxed about swearwords and speech, don’t let it get to you.

They Like Barbecues

You think you like barbecues? Think again, because nothing will have a love for the barbie like your new Australian man. Burgers, kanga bangas and more—they’ll know how to cook it up.

Australians love hot weather and since it’s hot in many places much of the year, you’ll find you’ll be attending many, many barbecues.

It’s just time to accept that you’ll be eating massive quantities of food when you start to date an Australian guy.

They Will Abbreviate Everything

While some things are stereotypical about Australia, it’s no lie that they love their abbreviations and slang.

If you start to date an Australian guy, you’re going to discover that he’ll use all the ones in the book and sometimes you may have no idea what he’s saying.

That’s ok, just ask and you’ll know for the future. But just don’t make fun of him; he won’t appreciate that.

Dating an Australian guy is fun and exciting and you’ll have a blast, but knowing these few things ahead of time will ensure you know exactly what to expect.

Best way to get off on a good foot? Buy him beer and attend a barbecue together—just kidding! We’re sure he’ll like you if you don’t do that. Probaby. But now if all else fails you know the way to his heart.

Dated an Australian guy? What were your experiences like? Let me know in the comments below!

Dating an Australian guy


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