A Day at the Australian Horse Races – A Traveller’s Must Do

Who wouldn’t love a day at the races in Australia?

If you’re looking for the perfect Australian summer tradition, look no further – Australia’s horse races are a summer entertainment tradition that will get you outside and spending time with your friends and fellow travellers.

You’ll be able to experience Australian dining, fashion, and of course, the races themselves!

australia horse race

Summer tradition

Since the 1800s, Australia’s horse races have been a huge source of entertainment and have become an important spectator sport in Australia.

Today, visiting the horse races has become a summer tradition, and this on course entertainment is an essential experience when you’re visiting Australia.

Going to a horse race is also a very social experience, because you’ll have the chance to mingle and talk to the people around you, make bets, and participate in the races as part of a community.

You can get involved in the various events happening at the races, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet lots of different people.

australia horse race

Visiting the races

There are lots of races in the summer; you’ll have no trouble finding one near you.

Start by searching online for horse races near you, or ask a member of your hotel or hostel staff. You can plan to spend the whole day at the races – bring your hat, comfortable shoes, and your best betting game.

The races are very affordable, and you can even end up earning money throughout the day by placing bets!

Before, during, and after the race

Before the race, you’ll see horses warming up in the pre-parade ring, then they will be paraded around the ring for the spectators and bettors to see.

You can check your programme to see all of the horses and their information about past competitions and wins. During the race, sit back, relax, and enjoy the event.

Afterwards, make sure to visit the winners’ enclosure to see all the horses, and to watch the jockeys being interviewed!

At any point throughout the day, you can check out all the other fashion and entertainment events as well.

Melbourne Cup

Called the “race that stops a nation”, the massive Melbourne Cup is one of the most notable and well-known horse races in the country.

You’ll be able to make bets, eat some good food, and watch the races.

The entire event, the Melbourne Cup Carnival, lasts an entire week and contains a total of ten races and tons of other events, such as fashion, dining, and entertainment. To visit this exciting event, you can purchase tickets online.

Best of all…

Going to the Australia horse races is a true Aussie experience; go with your friends and family to take part in this fun and exhilarating experience.

Throughout the day, you can take bets, check out all the different fashion and entertainment events, and enjoy the races!

With all these fun things to do, you can’t miss out on the horse races while you’re in Australia. 

Been to the races? Want to go? tell me about it in the comments below!

australia horse race


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