My eBook – Plan your Trip to Australia – What EVERY Independent Traveller must know before Backpacking Australia

What people are saying –

“Thanks so much for the eBook. It helped me immensely as I prepared to go Australia and took a lot of the stress away of doing research” Anne Albrecht – Hamburg, Germany


“Plan your Trip to Australia not only inspired me to go to Australia but gave so many insights to travelling as whole. By the time I arrived in Australia I had a good understanding of what to expect and made the settling process so much easier” Ryan Miller – Portland, USA

Thinking of coming to Australia? You need to to check out my eBook! It has loads of hints, tip and information to completely set you up and prepared for your travels to Australia.

What you can expect (Table of Contents):

Thinking about Australia?

– Introduction

– Why Australia?

– Your concerns

– Travelling solo or with company

Before you leave:

– Logistics

– Working Holiday Visa

– Studying in Australia

– Your health

– Things to think about

– Packing

When you arrive:

– First steps

– Accommodation

– Working

– Transport

– Final thoughts