I try to be as honest as possible. I only suggest companies I use myself or would use myself. My whole goal with this website is to help you get great information so you can make a great choice with what you decide to do and get the best value on anything you decide to buy. I am not going to just suggest companies and suppliers willy nilly. I try to only suggest what I think is the best so you get the best possible experience.

Yes. Certain products and services I recommend I am an affiliate for. So if you go and book or use a service I suggest using my links I may get paid for that. Now it is important to remember I am not just recommending products because they will pay me; there are certain products I recommend and I don’t get paid for and also there are certain products I would get paid for but don’t recommend because in my opinion they are not suitable and this can be for many reasons but normally because I think there is a better service or product available.

My business is all about recommending products and services so you can easily the best value deals and great products and tours. It is in my interest to be transparent and honest. If you don’t enjoy something or get ripped off from a business I suggest; that hurts my business as you aren’t going to come back or recommend it to a friend. I always try to get as much feedback as I can, I love hearing your thoughts and always want you to let me know if you find something of better value than what I offer – so, please do let me know your thoughts.

So rest assured; everything on this website should help you honestly and ethically get the best value and best information for your Australian travels.

Fair question. I think it is good to be a little weary. Get as much advice on travelling and backpacking in Australia as you can from as many sources as possible and then choose someone you trust.

Why me? I have travelled and backpacked the world, and extensively through Australia. I have learnt my lessons, and I try to pass them on to you through this travel website. I believe in putting the best trip together, offering the best advice, and NOT chasing the highest affiliate commissions. Everything I suggest on this site comes with my own personal experiences, and I genuinely believe in helping out travellers as I am one myself. No one ever wants to get ripped off!

Just me – Kiwi Dave. I am an independent traveller and backpacker at heart. I am also an entrepreneur, lifestyler, and I have filled a number of other hats.

I set up myAustraliaTrip to help other travellers and backpackers and to pass on my knowledge. I am based in Australia, but still travel and use co-working spaces when I do. I love Australia, and genuinely believe it is one of the best countries in the world to work and travel.

Haha. Sometimes I guess, you can risk it. There is however a very good chance that you will miss out and things will be booked solid. So, I certainly don’t advise it. This is especially so with accommodation.

In some cases, reservations are required for guaranteed spots on all travel tours. Reservations help companies determine the number of guides needed to ensure that our groups remain manageable and enjoyable, and they allow companies to notify you of changes to the tour due to weather or anything that could disturb the tours.

I highly suggest booking as early as possible, so you can ensure you are going to have an awesome Australian trip and not miss anything!