How to find a rental as a backpacker in Australia

So you’ve chosen to backpack Australia and that’s an amazing choice, but now you need to start thinking of the details that go along with that to actually make it work.

The most important thing you need as a backpacker is finding backpackers rentals. Not only will you want to be mobile and flexible, but you also don’t want to be signing any leases for 12 months. That and you probably won’t be approved for one anyway as a short-term visitor.

This is where you need to understand how backpacker rentals work and how you can find them.

While knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone’s brother who has a room is a perfectly valid way, here are a few more options that might guarantee something a bit more suitable and reliable.

rentals in australia


Gumtree is amazing for tons of things but it’s also a great place to find backpacker rentals. Think of it as the Australian Craigslist only less sketchy.

There are tons of rooms or apartments listed on there and you’re bound to find something that will suit your needs and wants on there at a competitive price.

Notice Boards

Notice boards can be found anywhere from supermarkets to libraries or just on the street.

Obviously you’ll need to actually be in the city already so if you want something sorted ahead of time this probably isn’t your best bet, but it’s a great way to get more access to more places.

Like jobs, it’s easier to find something when you’re there and can go off word of mouth as well. Especially backpacker rentals, it’s the kind of thing that people aren’t going to pay to put an ad up because they’d rather find someone at no cost to them.

rentals in australia


The concept of sharehouses exist around the world and they’re a great option if you’re a backpacker.

The great thing about these is you don’t need to be on the proper lease for the house, it’ll already be furnished and come with built-in friends. The downside is usually sharehouses tend to be further outside of the city.

Longstay in a Hostel

Many hostels will allow you to stay there long term and even give you a better rate for it. Others will discount your rate if you work a couple of hours for them as well.

These are great options because they’re usually really inexpensive and you’re in a great atmosphere with great people all the time. The other upside of a longstay in a hostel is that you can stay super central in the cities for a fraction of the cost with no strings attached.

Avoid Leases

We already briefly mentioned this, but as a backpacker you want to stay away from leases.

You don’t want to be tied down and you also don’t want to be financially responsible for anything that might happen to the place or take you away from your trip.

Finding backpacker rentals can be super easy if you know where to look and what you’re after. Just don’t forget to keep an open mind!

Any tips I have left out? Let me know in the comments below!


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