Best Flight to Australia?

Best Flight to Australia

When you’re taking a plane (especially for 20 hours or more!) you definitely want to get the best experience possible.

That means a comfortable flight, great service, and the best rates available.

When you’re trying to get the best flight to Australia, make sure to:

Pick a good airline

No one wants to be stuck in the airport waiting for a flight that keeps getting delayed, only to get on the plane and find out that it is crowded, loud, and the airline staff aren’t helpful at all.

It all comes down to picking a good airline; make sure to read reviews and check your flight information carefully to see if you’re choosing a good one.

Minimize layovers

Your mood can make or break your trip, and long hours stuck at the airport aren’t going to help at all.

Try to minimize your layovers so that you only have two hours or so in between flights.

This will give you enough time to find your flight and take care of any additional security needs, as well as grab a snack or coffee.

When you make an effort to minimize your layovers, you’ll get to your destination much happier and much faster.

Best Flight to Australia

Use airport lounges

Airport lounge benefits can depend on which lounges you belong to; however, most lounges offer comfortable seating, quiet environments, and great cell phone service and Internet speed.

You’ll also usually have better service or personal assistance.

Some lounge passes even come with a plan so that you can check baggage for a reduced cost or for free, or check in more quickly.

Priority Pass is a great option; it isn’t a part of any specific airline, and your membership will get you into a variety of lounges around the world.

You’ll have great service and a quiet environment to relax before catching your flight. With all these features, using airport lounges can really minimize your stress to help you have the best flight to Australia, and they’re especially great if you’re a frequent flyer.


Using Momondo to help you get the best flight to Australia is going to help a lot; they provide you with an overview of the airline and flight options as well as the best deals.

They aren’t owned by any larger company, so they provide unbiased information based on over 600 airlines.

When using Momondo, you can sort by “airplane alliance” to use the same airline and build up frequent flyer miles. 

You can also use Momondo’s “Flight Insight” option to see the factors that affect flight rates, and you can click the “Fare Alert” button to be notified when rates change.

Internet history

Believe it or not, clearing your internet history before searching for flights can actually help you get a cheaper rate.

Airlines use cookies and other browsing data to track the flights you are searching, and can actually increase their rate if they know you’re interested in a specific flight.

With so many ways to find cheaper rates, minimize stress, and choose a good flight, you’re going to have the best flight to Australia.

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Any tips you know of? Anything I have missed? let me know in the comments below!

Best Flight to Australia


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