Why You Should Get the Working Holiday Visa in Australia Now

If you’re on the fence…

If you’re worried about getting a Working Holiday Visa and “putting off” your job, you should keep in mind it will allow you to explore Australia without postponing your career.

You can check out a lot of different job fields, or build some experience in your working field. You’ll also have something to add to your resume when you get back!

Concerned about your budget? Don’t worry about it! You’ll have the opportunity to make money instead of just spending it, and the money you earn when you’re working will help you support your future travels.

You’ll also be able to make more local friends by working, and get a better cultural understanding of Australia since you’ll be staying longer. It’s hard to really get to know a country in only a week or two; with the Working Holiday Visa, you’ll have a year to explore and travel.

get the whv now

Are you convinced?

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get your working holiday visa, it’s here; you only live once, and uni can always wait! With all the changes that were just made to the visa for 2017, it just got easier to work and enjoy Australia.

The Australian Holiday Working Tax just changed – the rate is now 15% for every dollar earned, starting in January 2017. With this new rate, it’s easier than ever to come and enjoy Australia, especially with the tons of jobs available.

Previously, you could only work for one employer for six months on a working holiday visa. Now, you can work for the same employer for up to 12 months, as long as the last six months are in a location and region.

All these new changes can help you further your career, and you can find lots of well-paying job opportunities. You’ll also gain a lot of great work experience for when you return home, and have something new to add to your resume.

In addition, the application for the Working Holiday Visa is now $390 AUD instead of the previous $440! It may only be a $50 difference, but that’s $50 more that you can add to your travel fund or savings. get the whv now

And finally…

The age limit for the Working Holiday Visa has gone from 30 to 35 years old. This is a great opportunity for anyone who missed the deadline the first time around – it’s not too late!

These changes have made it easier and more valuable to get a Working Holiday Visa, so it’s easier than ever to travel without compromising your career.

You can build your resume, get work experience, and try out new jobs, all while travelling and experiencing Australia over a longer period of time.

If you have been wanting to travel but don’t want to postpone working or furthering your career, the changes to the working holiday visa have made it easier and more valuable to get a Working Holiday Visa. Make sure to get your Working Holiday Visa now, in case things change again!

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