How To Have A Great Christmas In Australia As A Traveller

A Great Australian Christmas

When travelling over Christmas things can start to feel a little lonely.

This feeling is called “an orphan Christmas” because you haven’t necessarily got anyone to spend it with or any Australian plans.

This sounds like one heck of a depressing start to a Christmas article, but fear not friends because we have some great ideas for spending Christmas when travelling Australia.

You don’t need to stay holed up and alone and be sad, well, you could, but best not, so here are some ideas to the contrary. Christmas in other countries happen as a backpacker or traveller at times – while it is nice to go home for Christmas, an “orphan Christmas” can also be fun: especially in Australia!

Christmas in Australia

Look Up Events

Around Christmas there are so many events going on in all Australian cities so wherever you are you’re bound to find something.

Figure out what parties are going on, festivals, markets, etc. This can not only be fun but you’re also likely to meet some people who you can spend some time with and not feel quite so alone.

Spending Christmas when travelling Australia doesn’t need to feel isolating.

Expect Barbeques

While you probably already know this (and if not I think we have bigger, more important things to discuss), it’s summer during Christmas in Australia so expect many barbeques everywhere you go!

This is a great way to spend the holiday and many events will be open to the public.

Keep your eyes peeled for stuff like this and just get out there throw yourself into the socialising. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Christmas in Australia

Go To The Beach

Since it’s summer, going to the beach is a great way to spend the days leading up to Christmas and even Christmas itself.

There will be lots of people just hanging out, playing beach volleyball, making food, listening to music and even more and we’re willing to bet a few will let you join in on the fun.

And hey, even if they don’t, lying in the sun listening to some music and taking a dip in the ocean…there are worse ways to spend Christmas.

Hang Out With Hostel Friends

We’ve talked before about the benefits of staying in hostels and one of those biggest benefits is the people you meet. This is a great time to put those hostel friends to good use.

Make plans with friends from the hostel to do stuff on Christmas because there’s a very good chance they don’t have any plans either. It’s no longer an orphan Christmas if you have some people and new friends to share it with.

Spending Christmas when travelling Australia sounds pretty isolating on the surface, but in fact there are many ways to still have a great time and the best part is some of the people you meet may even become lifelong friends.

It may sometimes be hard to put yourself out there and spend Christmas away from your family, but this doesn’t mean it needs to be a bad Christmas.

Get out there, make plans and throw yourself into the festivities entirely and you won’t be experiencing an orphan Christmas after all.

Merry Christmas everyone! Feel free to let me know your Christmas plans! I would to love to hear!


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