Your New Years Resolution – Travel To Australia

New Years Resolution….Yes…AUSTRALIA!

New Years resolutions are probably something you’re intimately familiar with – those things that you adamantly claim you’re going to accomplish in the next year and sheepishly admit come December 31 that you never actually did it.

This year, put on a new years resolution you can keep, and will want to.

new years resolution australia

For your New Years Resolution, make it Australia.

It sounds strange, but rather than putting on things that you’ll probably never complete or things that don’t make a difference to your life, make the decision to do something radical and amazing.

Here are several arguments on why your New Years resolution should be Australia.

new years resolution australia

Travel Is The Best Education

Look, college teaches you a lot, but what it doesn’t teach you about are people, cultures and actually learning to understand a different group of people especially if you decide to work in australia.

You can read all you want about the Aborigines in textbooks, but nothing will help you understand them more than meeting them or traveling there and experiencing first-hand what the issues are and the culture is.

It’s not even always about the culture and difference in people, but it’s also about history.

History is everywhere, and learning about it in the actual place where it happened and speaking to people who may have been involved in that is a million times better and more interesting than just sitting at a desk reading dully about it in some book that you’ll be tested on tomorrow.

Ultimate, travel makes learning fun. It makes it real and it makes it something attainable.

When you’ve traveled the world you gain confidence, you learn to have street smarts and you learn to take care of yourself and be compassionate towards others.

These aren’t skills you can learn in a classroom.

Traveling Puts Your Life In Perspective

It’s so easy to spend your days worrying about the little things that in the end don’t make a huge amount of difference.

So what, you missed some questions on a test. Maybe you broke the mirror of your car or are just bored being where you are.

Putting Australia on your New Years resolution list is going to change all of that. When you see beautiful vistas, incredible landscapes and learn about people half a world away from you, it will begin to put your life into perspective.

You’ll realise the little things don’t matter so much and you’ll begin to understand that the world is absolutely massive and there’s so much out there to see and explore that’s way more important than the little things back home.

At the end of the day, Australia is a gorgeous and diverse country and you can learn so much from it.

Its history is entwined with all other kinds of countries and it’s home to people from all walks of life.

This year, your New Years resolution should be Australia because it will change everything.

Your New Years resolution is to come to Australia? Tell me about it in the comments below!

new years resolution australia


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