Are you a lover of Sports? So is Australia!

Australians love sports just as much as other countries, but they also have a slightly different selection than you might find in say the US or the UK.

Let’s take a look at the Australian sports they love and sports that you must make the time to experience when you visit Australia. After all, you haven’t experienced all of Australia if you haven’t experienced the world of Australian sports.

Australian Sports

Rugby League and Rugby Union

Things are going to get a little confusing here because Rugby Leave and Rugby Union are two very different Australian sports—both you should experience.

Basically what you need to know is that the rules for both of the games are different, but they both originate in the same sport of rugby.

These vary in things like possession, tackling, scoring, laws and number of players. Feel free to look it up on your own time. We’d be here all day if we tried to explain the difference to you now.

Both of these Australian sports are beloved and you should definitely experience them when you’re in this wonderful country.

Australian Sports

Aussie Rules

You might be thinking now, “Aussie Rules for… what sport exactly?” Well, actually that’s the name of the sport. Confusing, we know. Aussie Rules is a form of football, also called footy.

See, Australians really like to find nicknames for things. How does this vary from regular football (or soccer if you’re a friend from the US of A)?

Basically, think of it as football with fewer rules and a bit more aggressiveness. It’s great fun to watch, we promise. And it’s a very typical Australian sport you must make the time to experience.


If you’re from the UK or South Africa, you probably already know cricket is a huge deal and know exactly what the sport entails, but this is also a big sport in Australia.

This Australian sport looks a little something like baseball but way more fun. You haven’t experienced true Australian sports if you haven’t watched a cricket match.


We have saved the most Australian sport of all for last—surfing. When you think of Australia you probably think of the ocean, the waves, the attractive people walking along the sand in their swim suits… sorry got distracted there. Point is, surfing is a huge deal to Australians, it’s the very core of who they are.

So you honestly can’t say you experienced everything Australia has to offer if you haven’t gone and watched some surfing. And besides, it fun, if not a little terrifying, to watch anyway.

Australian sports are great fun and this is a list of the must-see sports to watch when you visit Australia, but if you want to add more to this list—great for you! We salute your quest for Australian sports knowledge. 

Going to Any sports matches in Australia? Let me know in the comments below!

Australian Sports
Australian Rules – An awesome sport!


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