5 Tips To Avoid Getting Homesick In Australia

Worried you will get home sick in Australia? Don’t stress!

Although Australia is a country much like any other Western country, and many more even at that, it’s still a foreign one and there are little things that make you feel not quite at home.

That on top of the fact you’re away from family and friends and the sheer distances involved can make you feel pretty homesick in Australia.

Whether you just feel a bit of a dull ache for home or have yourself a cry—that’s totally ok, let it all out, travellers, you’ll feel better—there are ways to combat this homesickness and help you enjoy your time there like you intended.

It is a long flight to Australia and that can be enough to make your feel homesick but this will certainly be less so with a flight for less than $200 which you can find if you know where to look!

homesick Getting Homesick In Australia

Write A Letter Home

I know what you’re thinking—a letter?? But my god, it’s the 21st century. You’re right, feel free to write an email, but there’s just something about an actual letter in the mail that is more heartfelt and special, probably just because it isn’t really done very much anymore.

Also, you’d be surprised how therapeutic it is to just write it all out by hand (or type if you’ve got terrible handwriting, you know who you are), getting a stamp and taking it to the post office.

Let your family know what you’re up to, what your thoughts are, how your feeling, who you’ve met, just anything and you’ll feel 10 times better.

Visit A Familiar Restaurant

While Australia has a similar cuisine to lots of other Western countries like the UK, US, Canada and even other European countries, it can sometimes help you combat homesickness in Australia by visiting a restaurant you associate with home.

This could be a burger place, a specific Chinese food dish or even just buying a sausage roll.

There’s a reason they call it comfort food and by allowing yourself to be comforted you’ll feel a million times better by the end.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always buy your ingredients and try your hand at making it. Activities always take your mind off of other things that are bothering you. Which brings us to our next point.


homesick Getting Homesick In Australia

Keep busy! Don’t just lie around most days and lament about your home, I promise that will only make things worse.

Get out there, meeting people, try new things, see new places and before you know it you’ll be having such a great time you’ll totally forget you were ever even feeling homesick to begin with.


I know we started with the old-timey idea of writing a letter, but we’ll finish with this amazing 21st century invention. Skying or FaceTiming with family and friends is so easy and actually seeing their faces while you talk can be an immense comfort.

The time zones will always be annoying to contend with, but just figure out a time that works, set it and give yourself plenty of time to spend even hours just chatting to people from back home. If you want to feel comfort, this is the best way to do so.

Feeling homesick in Australia is pretty common, despite its similarities with other countries, but by employing a few of these ideas you’ll be able to pick yourself up and enjoy the rest of your time there without negative feelings.

Have you been homesick? What are your tips to avoid this? I would love to know in the comments below!


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