Top 5 FREE Things to see and do in Sydney!

Sydney is a frequent stop for travellers from all around the world due to its natural beauty and incredible opportunities. However it certainly is expensive! That been said; it is definitely possible for you, if you are on a budget to have a great time in this city; there are limitless free, entertaining things to do.

Here are my top 5 tips of free things to do in Sydney

1. The Museum of Contemporary Art

This modern art museum is an essential stop for any visitor to Sydney. It is an international museum that contains all forms of art, from paintings to sculptures to other exhibits.

There are frequent events, workshops, and exhibitions held at this museum, and there will always be something new and entertaining for you to see. This is a beautiful area to visit; located in the Rocks, this beautiful building has waterside views that let visitors appreciate Sydney’s natural beauty.

This museum is an essential stop in every backpacker’s trip. I think my favourite part of a trip to the modern art museum is a cafe on the top – sit here for amazing views of the Sydney Opera House and harbour for no more than the price of the coffee.

2. The Royal Botanic Garden

These gardens are some of the most beautiful and historical areas in Sydney. If you are looking for a way to get outside while enjoying the natural beauty of Australia, this garden is your opportunity.

I highly recommend visiting this area for a great view of the harbour and the rest of the city.

Not only is this garden stunning, but it is also the oldest scientific establishment in Australia; visiting this area will give you an opportunity to get a feel for the history and culture of this city. Bring a picnic on a summers day!

3. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Visiting Sydney’s busy bridge may not be something that you would immediately think of when planning a day trip, but this iconic bridge is a must-see landmark in the city.

You can walk along the bridge and get some amazing pictures, and the view is priceless. I definitely suggest visiting this bridge to get outside and take in the views and the amazing weather.

4. Bondi Beach

Australia is full of beautiful scenery; nothing exhibits this more clearly than its beautiful beaches. The Bondi Beach is one of the most gorgeous and well-known beaches in Sydney.

There are a lot of opportunities for entertainment in this area, as festivals and events are frequently held at the beach. I highly recommend that you hike the Bondi Beach to Bronte trail, a 2.5km hike (one way).

This amazing trail will take you along the cliffs, past the Bondi Pavilion, and along the coast, giving you some of the best views in the city. It can get busy on weekends though!

5. Sydney Olympic Park

The buildings in the Sydney Olympic Park are used for sporting events and workshops, and there are also a variety of parks. This area houses several festivals and cultural events, including the Sydney Festival and the Olympics in 2000.

I suggest that you visit this area to tour the buildings and parks to enjoy Sydney’s beautiful scenery, stunning views, and unique culture.

You can even hire a bike if you want to take the time to enjoy the pleasant ride out there.
Sydney is a beautiful city with limitless opportunities for entertainment.

I highly recommend these free activities to give you the best backpacking experience possible.

Something I missed? Or are you going to Sydney? Let me know in the comments!

A great view from the top of the modern art museum!


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