Transferwise Review – Good or Bad?

Transferwise Review – Good or Bad?

When you’re travelling, you’re going to need to have access to your money and probably transfer money internationally.

Transferwise is a money transferring service that allows you to transfer money internationally with accurate rates and low fees.

I recommend using Transferwise when you’re travelling, because it keeps you from losing money from bad exchange rates, and is easily accessible while you are travelling.

Transferwise Review

About Transferwise – Is it worth it?

If you’re considering travelling anywhere, you’ll still want to have access to your money back at home. So even if you’re only going on holiday for a few weeks, it is completely worth it to use Transferwise; you’ll be saving tons of time and money!

Instead of sending money across national borders, Transferwise takes care of all the currency exchanges and money transfers without ever sending money over a border.

The system matches the money rate and uses a peer-to-peer transfer system, where Transferwise finds someone who wants to convert their money the opposite way you do, and helps to switch between the two currencies.

You save a lot of money this way, because you’re charged a lower transportation fee.

Transferwise Review

Also, Transferwise is sometimes 8 times cheaper than using banks, because they usually add a lot of markup to their transportation fees and currency exchange rates.

I also like that Transferwise is a faster way to transfer money – banks can take days or weeks to transfer money, while Transferwise funds are usually transferred in one working day!

With accounts all over the world and 38 different currencies, Transferwise is also easily accessible. You’ll be able to transfer money anywhere you need it, and take care of currency exchanges along the way. Transferwise also has a great mobile app for your phones and tablets, so you can take care of your money transfers any day, any time.

This can be necessary when you’re travelling and getting or sending money from home!

Plus, Transferwise uses accurate exchange rates instead of marking them up like banks do, so you’ll almost certainly be getting better rates for your money. You can avoid unfair bank fees altogether!

Best of all, it is extremely secure and has high transparency – you always know where your money is at, and it’s always safe. I agree with others who have reviewed Transferwise; it’s completely trustworthy.

Customers and clients have consistently given 5-star reviews, and they have great customer service; the service is trusted around the world, and used for living abroad and sending money home, travelling around the world, and even international business.

Good or bad?

When you’re travelling, you’ll want to save as much money as possible – Transferwise uses accurate exchange rates and low fees to make sure you get a fair rate. Also, it’s easy to use. All you have to do is send the money, and Transferwise takes care of all the exchanges!

Because Transferwise is fast, easy, and secure, I recommend that you use it for your money transfers; you’ll always have access to your money when you need it!

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Have you used Transferwise? What do you think? How are you going to transfer money to Australia?

Transferwise Review


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