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First of all, welcome and thanks for wanting to find out a little more about myAustraliaTrip. I am so grateful you are here.

You may be thinking I started myAustraliaTrip because I love to travel. Well, that’s true!

I started myAustraliaTrip as an online travel place where you can find out nearly everything for your Independent Australian Backpacker travels. You can find hints, tips, articles, recommendations, and even book nearly all of your travel needs, from tours to accommodation. I can help you every step of the way!

My biggest aim is to point you in the right direction to the best resources to get the best products, flights, tours etc at the best possible deal.

The benefit for you is you can treat myAustraliaTrip as a personal travel service; you always know you are getting the best value as you prepare for your trip to Australia and I will guide you direct to best places to book.

You can follow myAustraliaTrip on Twitter or like myAustraliaTrip on Facebook for the most up to date information – and if you then have a question about anything I offer; just shoot me an email or reach out to me through social media.

I love hearing about your plans and if you happen to find a product or service that I don’t recommend or something you think is a better value deal, please let me know!

That is the difference from the other agencies out there; myAustraliaTrip is not a big business, but more of a travellers personal concierge, with me as your personal guide and advisor.

There is nothing that I recommend that I wouldn’t do myself. Have fun exploring and arranging your travels to Australia with myAustraliaTrip!

Meet: Your host, the Australian Traveller


I have travelled the world, and I have travelled extensively throughout Australia.

To me, Australia is one of the best countries to work and travel. Unique wildlife, unspoilt beaches, the outback and an amazing lifestyle that Australia offers are some of the reasons why I love this place so much.

Australia is certainly one of my homes. I have worked in almost all of the states of Australia. I have picked up all sorts of work as I travelled, and now I run this website to share my experiences.

I love travelling and love to share stories about my adventures.

Some of my favourite memories include having lazy days on the glorious beaches of Magnetic Island, partying in a warehouse in Brunswick with 1000’s of others in Melbourne and working in an outback pub in a town so small only 17 people lived there!

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